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Is There a Potential Roadhog Rework On the Horizon?

Roadhog is one of those characters that players love or hate with a passion. In the initial Overwatch, Roadhog was simply just an annoying character that would pop up in certain metas thanks to an overtuning of his primary fire. However in Overwatch 2 the tank role changed, and tanks received a critical passive. With Roadhog emerging as one of the best tanks in the game, there could be a potential rework in the future.

Recently Roadhog has actually been under a bit of scrutiny about just how strong he is in the current meta. Thanks to Kiriko’s Protection Suzu, Roadhog has become a bit of a raid boss in ranked games. With Overwatch devs still working out the tricky bits of a single-tank game, it appears as though Roadhog may be the first on the block for a potential change.

Overwatch Lead Aaron Keller mentioned on Twitter earlier this week that a Roadhog change is heading to the game later this month. What type of change is uncertain, but with updates to Orisa and Doomfist, a soft rework could be in the works. Players may point to his Take a Breather ability as an area of ​​potential change. while the chain hook may be a source of players frustrations, it is a unique and core ability that probably won’t be adjusted.

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Any potential rework for Roadhog will arrive later in the month of January, most likely towards the end of the month. As of now, there is no indication as to what the changes could be. Overwatch players will find out soon enough what is instore for the tank from down under.

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