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Is Apex Legends Mobile Worth It?

The recent new addition to the mobile battle royals shook up the world. As the portable version of the famous Apex Legends, there was some skepticism surrounding the launch. Mobile gaming often has a negative reputation, marred by microtransactions and simple mechanics. But many people are installing VPNs, attempting to play the game on its soft launch. With so much hype surrounding the game, a lot of players may be wondering, Is Apex Legends Mobile worth it?

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Long story short, Apex Legends Mobile is free to play and fantastic, and definitely worth it for those who aren’t against mobile gaming.

To start off, Apex Legends Mobile is incredibly fun and well made. Depending on the device players utilize, the graphics look superb and the frame rates impress. Most of the core mechanics from the PC counterpart were very well integrated, creating a complex yet not overly daunting mobile port. For those unfamiliar with mobile gaming, they may find themselves fumbling with controls alongside mechanics. But fret not, the controls function wonderfully as a whole.

Apex Legends Mobile even allows players to customize the control schematics to a frightening degree. Therefore, comfort and hand positioning is purely up to the player. Simply set the positioning, sizing, and opacity to one’s own tastes. Even the graphics and frame rates are incredibly customizable, allowing for lower end devices to process the game.

Apex Legends Veterans

The biggest question here is whether or not Apex Legends mobile is better than its PC counterpart. As a whole, the PC version is definitely more fleshed out. After all, it had years to develop and grow. But Apex Legends Mobile is still worth playing, especially for those daunted by the mouse and keyboard aiming systems.

There’s such a huge learning curve that many players cannot overcome when it comes to using a mouse and keyboard for shooter games. And since Apex Legends is cross platform, even controller players often find themselves outclassed by simple hardware. Meanwhile for Apex Legends Mobile, the playing field is far more fair than a whole. Yeah, there are stronger devices, but nobody is using a controller or mouse and keyboard. Every player utilizes a touch screen, and therefore have the same options available to them.

The bottom line for whether Apex Legends Mobile is worth playing for already committed Apex Legends players is dependent on whether they’re okay with mobile gaming. A lot of console and PC gamers hated the idea of ​​mobile gaming, so it might not be for them. But for those open to innovation, desiring a fresh feeling of Apex Legends, the mobile port definitely delivers.

New Players

As a whole, Apex Legends is super intimate to get into nowadays. Everyone has already become so good, and the learning curve in a competitive battle royal leaves little room for growing. After all, it’s hard to learn when one mistake just leads to a death. This is often the case for cross platform battle royals nowadays, making the experience rather boring.

The best thing about Apex Legends Mobile is that so many people are learning the game. It’s brand new, therefore a lot of players don’t even understand how Apex Legends works. That doesn’t mean players won’t be punished. A battle royal is competitive by nature. But for new players, it’s rather easy to improve with a little bit of practice.

progression system

A lot of mobile games receive criticism for the lack of fair playing grounds. In essence, some have pay to win systems, while others require excessive grinding and leveling to keep up with PvP.

This begs the question, Is Apex Legends Mobile pay to win?

If it were, that’d be a huge downside of whether Apex Legends mobile is worth it or not. Thankfully, the game is not pay to win whatsoever. The game is all skill, requiring fast thinking and mechanical prowess to emerge victorious.

All the Legends are available by just playing the game. Whether its leveling the player profile, completing free battle pass missions, or even logging on daily, Apex Legends Mobile is very generous providing playable characters. What there are is a system of perks, which unlock by playing the specific Legend. These are a tad minimal in the grand scheme, and shouldn’t deter any player from trying the game out.

In Conclusion

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Apex Legends Mobile is a phenomenal game. The delayed release took players off guard, but it’s clear why they needed more time. As a whole, Apex Legends Mobile is an absolute beast of a mobile game. Creating a new level for mobile gaming, Apex Legends Mobile receives The Game Haus’ seal of approval. So when asking whether or not Apex Legends mobile is worth it or not, it is highly likely. Unless the reader just absolutely hates mobile gaming, then that’s a completely separate issue of its own.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully this provided some context and insight to the game. The Game Haus will cover more Apex Legends Mobile content, so be sure to stay tuned.

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