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Icarus: tips and tricks for beginners

Icarus is a session based survival game that is full of dangerous elements that you can obliterate if you don’t have a lot of experience. While playing you need to be careful about your own health, wild animals around you, and natural weather events. Dying is part of the learning process, but we’re here to make each session a little less stressful.

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In this guide, we’re going to go over a few Tips for beginners to get started with Icarus. Since this is for beginners, we will focus on the area where you will land for the first few missions. First, let’s take a look at the mission timer.

The mission timer runs in real time

Mission timer highlighted at the top of the screen

One of the most important things to keep in mind is the in-game timer. During your first few missions, the timer starts at about six days. The timer is in real time; the six days are real days. This means that if you play with the timer for six days on a Friday and play again on Sunday, the timer will be set for four days.

This is important when you have a busy schedule and don’t have time to play a new mission. Be sure to check the time limit before starting; If it doesn’t fit your schedule, then you should wait. Often times, the time limit will give you more time than it will take to complete the mission. If so, you can comfortably complete the mission in a few days without worrying about your real life interfering with the game.


Collect everything

Forest in the valley area

As you walk around Icarus, you can collect a variety of different items, from flowers and berries to iron and bones.

Almost any activity will reward you with experience. That means that you are walking through a forest You can easily gather fiber, sticks, and berries to gain experience.

Additionally, It’s great to have a reserve supply of resources on hand. Once you’ve unlocked the blueprint for storage chests, you’ll be able to place all your essential items in them. If you die, you’ll have replacement supplies ready for you.

Technology tree with basic tools shown

Although you are essentially an astronaut, you need to start with the basics like stone and wood tools. At some point you will be able to unlock more advanced tools, but at the beginning of the game Don’t forget to make your basic tools.

You will be able to complete many missions with just a set of simple tools. These tools don’t require too many resources to manufacture and can get the job done. In addition, you can easily repair basic tools with wood or stone.

Craft armor

Player with two armors

After leveling up, you’ll have the option to unlock different types of armor. Armor may seem unnecessary, but it shouldn’t be underestimated. Armor can give you buffs, including protection from the weather and a speed bonus.

Speed ​​is pretty important in Icarus, considering that you will be spending most of your time walking around. With the complete cloth armor set, you receive a speed bonus of five percent. Combined with speed increases through skill points, this is a good investment.

Make yourself comfortable near your shuttle

Player stands next to space shuttle
via Echo 216 / Steam

Icarus is huge, with a lot of land to settle on. During your first few missions, try to sit near the shuttle you are landing on. Dangerous animals can live in this area, but they won’t be anything you can’t handle.

If you die without a respawn point set (using a sleeper roll) and no one rescues you, you will be relieved of a. reappear random place. Most of the time, this “random” location is near your shuttle. Since you’ve settled down near the shuttle, it won’t be long before you come back.

Don’t forget about basic needs

Player holding a pickaxe and looking at Oxite

Basic needs include Oxygen, hunger and thirst values. You should prioritize these right away the first time you land on Icarus. Let’s talk about each of these needs below.


Icarus may look like Earth, but the atmosphere is unsafe for you to breathe. To combat this, you have an oxygen tank that needs constant refilling. That goes with Raw oxide, as well as with an oxidizing agent. For more information, see our guide on how to get more oxygen.


To satisfy your hunger, you can hunt for creatures, as well as harvest the fruits and vegetables that grow around Icarus.

Berries are a great source of nutrition; they grow almost anywhere and are easily collected. After you’ve made a campfire, you can cook meat along with other foods.


Thirst is pretty easy to manage; all you have to do is drink water from any water source; B. from a lake or stream. This will fill your thirst meter, but you can risk developing an illness, such as Ruhr. This status effect will eventually go away, but it can do damage if you are already running low on health.

Finally, through the technology tree, you can unlock items that produce clean water.

Big bases are not important

Player stands in a small hut with a wooden box

The main aspect of many survival games is building bases. In Icarus, however, no structure is permanent. When the mission ends, you will return to space, leaving everything behind. This means that any large bases you build will go away.

Because of this, You don’t have to prioritize a big base that looks good. It is perfectly acceptable to have a small hut that contains only a few essential items such as chests, bedding, and a place to cook food.

Protection from the storm

hollowed out rock with campfire inside
via Devils Foot / Steam

Storms will occur shortly after you land on Icarus. These storms can range from light rain to intense and destructive thunderstorms. While building a large base isn’t important, you still need protection from the elements. Below are some of our recommendations for accommodation.

  • Build a small and stable hut to hold you and your belongings during a storm.
  • Sit in an empty cave. You can find caves around cliffs; Just make sure there are no cave worms in it.
  • Hollow out a large stone (with a pickaxe) and drop it inside. Rocks are sturdy and can be kept along with a sleeping roll and campfire.

It’s okay to run away

Player in front of a bear trying to kill him

The creatures you encounter during a mission can be scary. sometimes they can be up to 20 levels higher than you. If you encounter a dangerous creature that is too strong for you, it’s okay to run away. In stealth mode, creatures won’t see you right away. This gives you a window of time to go without being spotted.

Although killing a large creature will bring you a lot of experience, it is safer to avoid it and not risk death.

By now you should know the basics of Icarus. Get out there and start exploring!

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