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“I will punish his entire team with my team.”: NaVi s1mple reacts to G2 m0NESY comment after a new addition.

G2 recently canceled m0NESY from the NaVi Junior Camp. The recent clashes have created a rivalry between s1mple and m0NESY.

The internet has its strange ways of pitting individuals against each other. There are numerous events for this. This is not unknown to the eSports world.

As a slogan, G2 m0NESY published a statement on Twitter. Nevertheless, the news reached the intended party.

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What was the message? Who was it for? How did a rivalry come about?

G2 may have asked M0NESY to issue the statement as a publicity stunt?

G2 Esports recently opted out of m0nesy from NaVi. NaVi made it clear that M0NESY will not have a place in the current NaVi list.

So NaVi was looking for a new team for Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov. G2 Esports responded with a counter offer, which NaVi accepted.

ESports teams sometimes ask a new player for publicity gimmicks. If not, it definitely looked that way.

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S1mple responded as a God Gamer. But he never likes to talk a lot. He’s more likely to let his skills speak for themselves.

B1t is another child prodigy who now plays alongside NaVi. To this day he is the most successful rookie in all eSports formats.

Make no mistake about B1t’s skills. He has carried his team countless times through the toughest of times. G2 m0NESY.

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Not only s1mple, m0NESY might have called the entire NaVi team.

It is not without reason that there has been news about Ilya since 2017. M0NESY is a Russian child prodigy, with stats rivaling s1mple and Coldzera.

He’s been causing waves since his trial at the NaVi Junior Camp. Since then he has had an undefeated winning streak in the junior division.

Because of the pandemic, he was put on the bench with his teammates. So it’s been over 8 months since Ilya “m0NESY” played a real LAN.

However, questions about the final roster are still unanswered.

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S1mple responded to the callout. Expect flying sparks when NaVi and G2 meet.

Much like Sasha “S1mple”, the king of CSGO, M0NESY is an AWPer. It is rare but a deadly skill to master.

All of the CSGO gods will agree that the best players in the game are AWPers. Snipers with insane reaction speeds and timing.

Russian child prodigy Ilya Osipov has all the skills to become the greatest. The fact is, however, that it has not yet been tested on the battlefield.

It is true, however, that he will soon be standing side by side with Niko. Soon he’ll be battling the game’s greatest players on the main stage.

Hopefully this doesn’t end as a career destroyer statement. We’ll know soon.

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