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Humankind Together We Rule DLC Announcement Trailer

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08 September 2022, 13:03

Humankind: Together We Rule is the first major expansion for Civilization’s rival. It will focus on diplomacy, introducing, among other things, the Congress of Humankind and agents into the game.

After a long development of Humankind with numerous updates Amplitude Studios has announced a major expansion for the game, titled Humankind: Together We Rule. Details were discussed in an announcement on Steambut they are also briefly outlined in a dedicated trailer.

Just as the title suggests, Together We Rule will focus on diplomacy and cooperation between cultures. It also takes into account independent peoples. The expansion will allow for making and signing more elaborate treaties, but will also make the competition between cultures for the patronage of these minor parties more fierce.


What’s more, the players will be able to interact in new ways. The expansion will introduce the Congress of Humankid into the game, under which empires will establish global laws. Thus, it will be the equivalent of the UN/World Congress from the Civilization series, although the mechanics will also allow for diplomatic pressure to resolve conflicts between states.

In addition, players will gain access to embassies. Thanks to them, we will gain access to new treaties enabling us to strengthen cooperation with our neighbors. In practice, this will translate, among other things, into the ability to provide allies with units unique to a particular culture.

… and novelties

Together We Rule will also introduce a lot of new content. Seven cultures focused on diplomacy (Bulgarians, Sumerians, Swiss, Han Chinese, Scots and Singaporeans) will come to the game, as well as agents – a new type of unit that can act as a diplomat… or operate in enemy territory and gain leverage – and a new type of resource spent on diplomatic activities.

In addition, 15 narrative events, six wonders and seven independent peoples will come to the game.

The expansion will also bring with it a handful of improvements, such as a modified stealth system. The developers will reveal more information in the coming weeks before Humankind: Together We Rule debuts on the market later this year.

Recall also that on November 4 human child will hit PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

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