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How to unlock the Floraphone achievement / trophy

Defeat the Gigantuar in Final Fantasy 13 is one of the most difficult experiences many gamers have had. To compete against this giant cactus you need to develop the right strategies while maintaining the maximum stats in order to survive. This mini-boss devastates the entire team by dealing 10,000 damage with just one hit while inflicting pain and fog.

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Winning this battle is not only a satisfying experience, but it rewards you by unlocking the Floraphobe success, a great addition to your hit list. Here are some interesting strategies that can help you win these while facing this tough mini-boss.

There are several strategies you can adapt as you face this enemy. Choosing the right team will affect your ability to withstand the fierce enemy. Plus, if you play the cards right, you can take down Gigantuar quickly. So focus on our suggested strategies.

Breathtaking gigantuar

Stunning Gigantuar Final Fantasy 13

The first thing you should do is give your characters the right gear that the random might give you instant chain synthesized ability, which grants a free graduation. To trigger this ability efficiently, you’ll need to equip the Commandos with Pain Relievers and Medics with White Capes, and this will help keep Gigantuar from deactivating the party.


The Instant Chain combo can be activated randomly while your character is staggered while aiming the enemy. Although Gigantuar does significant damage, it doesn’t have a lot of HP, so you can shake this rival for victory.

The Sazh Strategy

Defeat Gigantuar The Sazh Strategy Final Fantasy 13

This strategy is just an extension of the first to make it even easier. You have to make Sazh a leader along with guardians for the other two roles. With this arrangement, when attacking the Gigantuar, an automatic chain attack is triggered and a combination of attacks is launched, causing Sazh to move backwards with each blow, eventually moving him out of the range of Gigantaurs of 10,000 needles to attack.

As long as you are out of range of this mini-boss, you will not take any damage. This strategy works for low-level teams too, as it is simpler and more effective when used correctly.

Choosing the right party

Choosing the Right Party Final Fantasy 13

Another tactic to eliminate Gigantuar is to fight with the COM / SEN / MED Party setup. That way, the boss can focus on attacking the Sentinel while the Medic heals and the other party member attacks. This strategy will work efficiently as each character has their specific role in dealing with this giant.

Hope or vanilla are recommended for the role of medics because they have access to Curasa and Curaja. Hope will also help remove fog and pain along with the healing.

You can also use a combination of different teams, e.g. B. a party Hope / snow / fang with Paradigm Deck: Entourage: Rav / Med / Sen Tortoise: Sen / Sen / Sen.

You can also choose Hope as the leader and then set the following two paradigms: Protection Hope: SYN Snow: SEN Fang: MED Solidarity: Hope: MED Snow: SEN Fang: COM Pop an aegisol and a fortisol, build a good party up and in go to battle.

Use stun strategy

Defeat Gigantuar with Daze Spell Strategy Final Fantasy 13

Finally, if you’ve tried the strategies above and still haven’t managed to beat Gigantuar, the daze spell strategy should be your last resort. You should always start the sign with the Daze spells as leaders and put them together with MEDs in a paradigm. Then spam the daze spell on the enemy until its effect is triggered. Wait for a full ATB display and switch to Cerberus (COM-COM-COM). Then quickly go back to the second paradigm and cast the daze spell again.

Repeat the cycle until the monster falls. This should give you a five-star win and unlock that Success / trophy for Floraphobe.

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