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How to solve Wordle puzzle 297: Words that start with ‘RO’

Wordle is one of the most popular games in the world. The game is simple; players have six guesses to figure out what the specific word is for that day. They gain some hints along the way, which usually eventually leads to users guessing the correct word. However, there are certain words that can truly stump users on random days. If you’re struggling with the Wordle on April 12, we have some hints that can help you continue (or start) your winning streak.

We won’t be giving away the word completely, but we will provide some words that can give you a head start or help you figure out the ending to the word.

There are dozens of five-letter words that begin with the letters “R” and “O” but many of them involve a second vowel in a strange spot in the word. For a full view of the most commonly used five letters starting with RO, read the list below.

  • roaches
  • road
  • roams
  • Roans
  • Roars
  • Roary
  • roast
  • Robed
  • Robes
  • Robin
  • Roble
  • robot
  • skirts
  • rocky
  • rodeo
  • Rodes
  • Roger
  • rogue
  • coils
  • roins
  • Roist
  • Rojak
  • rocker
  • Rokes
  • roles
  • rolls
  • Romal
  • novel
  • roofs
  • roofy
  • Rooks
  • Rooms
  • roomy
  • Roose
  • roots
  • Rooty
  • roped
  • rorty
  • Rosed
  • roses
  • rattan
  • Round
  • roups
  • roups
  • Routh
  • Roved
  • rover
  • Royal

This list is not representative of every single five-letter word that begins with RO. However, this list will provide players with some great hints for the April 12 Wordle.

If players only have guessed the R and O correctly in their Wordle, we recommend using common letters to try and piece together what the word is. Letters like “L,” “T,” and “E” appear in many of the five-letter words on the list above. The letter “Y” is also a common letter to appear in words beginning with RO, as it’s a great bridge or ending to the word.

It’s also important to note that every word on this list can be accepted in Wordle. So if you’re typing any one of these words into an empty line of Wordle and press “Enter,” that will count as a guess.

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