Friday, May 20, 2022

How to slide Fortnite in on PC, Xbox, Switch, and Playstation

Fourteen days Chapter Three introduced the new sliding mechanics in the game. The sliding allows players to move faster over the ledges and maintain accuracy while shooting. Players haven’t looked at the terrain outside of the building structures much in the game, but adding an additional permanent layer to mobility brings a new dimension to it Fourteen days.

Players can use the slide function at any time in the game by walking in a certain direction and pressing the crouch button. Here are the standard bindings on each platform:

  • Pc: Left Ctrl
  • Xbox: Press the right analog stick
  • Switching: Press the right analog stick
  • Playstation: Press the right analog stick

The push uses the same binding as crouching, so there is no way to assign a new button to the push. However, players can change their crouch controls, which will also reassign the binding to glide.

Players can take advantage of the slide mechanic by sliding over the cliff to fall off a mountain without taking fall damage. You can also dodge shots by sliding and using weapons to deal damage to enemies while difficult to aim. You can slide in certain high-to-low areas to gain momentum and run away from the storm. However, gamers shouldn’t use it to gain speed on a flat surface, as running is much more efficient in these cases.

Players have also started incorporating sliding into build battles. They can either get out of combat quickly by sliding down or moving from cover to cover while difficult to aim.

Given how new Chapter 3 is, players should expect the sliding mechanics to be used more hands-on in practice Provided while fans improve their techniques.

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