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How To Play As Brynn In Dislyte

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while Dislyte is a gacha-style game, not all the heroes you get to play with (here called Espers) are received through random draws. Some Espers are given to you at specific points, by completing certain bosses or by the game’s equivalent of crafting – taking unwanted heroes and transforming them into new ones.

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Brynn is a good case in point. She is one of the first Espers you’ll receive when you start playing the game, one who helps you through the early tutorials as you get to grips with Dislyte’s basic mechanics. But just because you get her on day one, doesn’t mean she isn’t useful for many more weeks to come.


Brynn’s Abilities And Strengths

Brynn is listed as a support Esper in Dislyte’s menus, but in reality, she is just as much a single target DPS as she is a helper. She can give your whole squad a damage lift at the start of a wave, following up with strong single target attacks that can reduce the enemy’s abilities:

  • Advent of the Goddess (cooldown: three or four turns*): A single target attack that deals up to 300 percent (starting at 250 percent) of Brynn’s ATK value as damage. It also usually freezes the target for one turn, meaning they can’t take actions. Once you have Ascended her to phase three, it also inflicts DEF Down on the target for two turns.
  • Rock’n’Roll (cooldown: three or four turns*): This gives a 40 percent ATK Up buff to all the Espers in your squad for two turns.
  • Cold Edge (basic attack): Bryn’s standard ability attacks a single enemy twice, dealing 50 percent of her ATK skill as damage on each successful hit. Each hit also has a 30 percent chance to inflict a 30 percent SPD Down debuff on the target for two turns.

* When both Advent of the Goddess and Rock ‘n’ Roll are improved to levels six and two respectively, by advancing abilities under the Growth tab, the cooldown timer is reduced from four to three turns in both cases.

Brynn is a solid choice to level up in the early part of the game. The ATK Up buff really helps the whole squad, while her solid single target damage can take out individual threats. She does not have a Captain’s ability.

Resonance: Which Statistics Should I Increase?

You’ll quickly start to get multiple copies of Brynn from your Echo Spins. You can never have more than one of the same Espers in a squad, so you should immediately use these spare Brynn Espers as Resonance material under her Growth tab.

As all of her abilities rely purely on the ATK stat, we suggest you put most of your energy into improving this. However, as Advent of the Goddess helps the whole squad, you want to keep her alive too. So, there’s no harm in putting a little juice into HP and DEF if you’re finding she’s struggling to stay in the fight.

Which Relic Sets Are Best For Brynn?

If you’re using Brynn in your squad for her team buff, you’ll want her to take a turn before your damage dealers. This means concentrating your efforts on improving her SPD stat. After that, she’s all about dealing damage connected to her ATK stat – so boosting ATK and ATK Bonus will improve her damage output. Similarly, increasing her C.RATE and C.DMG will improve her chance of landing critical hits, and she’ll do way more damage when she does.

  • War Machine (Una): A full set of War Machine relics will increase Brynn’s ATK skill by 40 percent, helping to maximize her damage potential.
  • Wind Walker (Una): Alternatively, Wind Walker will give her a 25 percent bump in SPD, helping her act early to give that ATK Up bonus to the rest of the squad.
  • Fiery Incandescence (Mui): This set gives a 25 percent rise in C.RATE, meaning her attacks are more likely to land as critical hits – doing massive damage.
  • Stoneveins (Mui): If you’ve gone down the DEF route, this gives a 25% bonus.

Another option for keeping Brynn alive is giving her the Hades Una set. This gives her 30 percent of damage back as healing. You could partner this with Sword avatarwhich gives a 25 percent chance to counterattack.

Relic Sub Stats

Ideally, you’ll want your Mui II slot to have a Relic with SPD as its main attribute – the only slot where SPD is available as a main stat. Brynn starts with one of the lower DEF levels, so you may also want to concentrate some of your effort into increasing DEF, or HP.

How To Play Brynn

Brynn is strong in story stages and solid in the early part of the Infinite Miracle, as well as versus lower-level bosses in both the Ritual and Sonic Miracles. However, Freeze doesn’t work on the big bosses and her lack of DEF makes her too easy to take down. The more you spend increasing her DEF and HP stats, the less you can put into ATK – a frustrating trade-off.

This is why most players tend to replace her once they get a good spread of new Espers, so we would not advise leveling her beyond 50 – or 40 if you get better team buffing support options earlier. Good replacement options include Dhalia and Ye Suhua, both of whom are available with a bit of patience via the Ripple Dimension.

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