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How To Obtain The Final Costume In Kao The Kangaroo

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They say that the clothes make the man. Well, it turns out the same thing can be said about kangaroos. Who knew? thank you Kao The Kangaroo has a wide variety of interchangeable costume pieces that can be obtained by playing through the game.

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Most of these costume pieces are obtained in a predictable manner. Many of them are tied to the collection of the KAO letters, others unlock when you arrive at certain locations. There is one big exception, and that is the golden skin. We have provided an entire section to help instruct people on how they can obtain this skin.

How To Get Every Head Accessory

Ranging from hair, to hats, to helmets: these accessories can be used while wearing every outfit with the sole exception being Kao’s retro costume.


How To Get Every Costume

These costumes help to dramatically change the way Kao looks. Some of these costumes have additional effects, so we have listed those in the additional notes section.

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How To Get The Golden Skin

Kao’s final costume gives him a gold aesthetic. It is actually remarkably simple to obtain this costume, but it, unfortunately, requires a hefty amount of grinding. All you need to do is purchase every available heart piece in any shop. After you do so, you will then have the opportunity to pay 30,000 coins to buy the golden skin.

Even if you pinch every penny, and find every treasure chest, you won’t have enough gold coins to pay for this costume at the end of the game. Odds are, you will be well over ten thousand coins shy (we finished our complete run of the game with only a little over 10,000 coins in our pockets). This means that you are going to have to repeat stages in order to make up for the deficit.

Which Stages To Grind

With the intense expense of the gold skin, you are going to have to do quite a bit of grinding to collect this final costume. Most stages will yield somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000 coins and most of them will take you about ten minutes or so to complete (if you know exactly what you are doing). However, there are two standout stages that will yield a higher than average amount of coins: The Icy Slopes and The Sparkly Funfair.

The Icy Slopes

The Icy Slopes will typically yield a little under 1000 coins, and it takes a little less than five minutes to complete. What makes this stage so profitable is how quickly it can be beaten. It also conveniently places you right outside the entrance to the stage when you finish it, making it even quicker to restart again. The thing to keep in mind when grinding for coins in this stage is to make sure to not skip the dark energy sections. They hold a fair few coins while only adding a small amount of time.

Sparkly funfair

The Sparkly Funfair takes considerably longer to complete; the average playthrough will be somewhere in the neighborhood of eleven to twelve minutes (once you know where you are going). However, it will typically yield over 2000 coins. What makes this stage so profitable are the areas that contain a bunch of barrels (especially the final circus tent).

Also, it probably isn’t worth the time to fight stragglers, but groups of enemies can be taken out with a single, well-placed super attack; this will earn you dozens of coins. So try to pick your battles and strike a balance between being thorough and being fast.

In the short term, The Icy Slopes will be more efficient and will likely yield better results. However, The Sparkly Funfair has a lot more room to be optimized, as there are a ton more coins in play. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either option. However, no matter which stage you choose to get your coins through, you will need to repeat it multiple times. Our best advice for you is to find a good podcast and settle in.

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