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How to level up quickly in Fortnite chapter 3

Fourteen days Recently fans said goodbye to their second chapter and fans sailed on to a new plot with The Foundation, portrayed by The Rock. The first Battle Pass of the chapter also includes Spider-Man, making it a must-have for Fourteen days Fans.

While it is possible to maximize your Battle Pass by purchasing levels right away, most players prefer the free-to-play route. If you’re short on time, be sure to upgrade your Battle Pass ASAP so you can enjoy all of the skins for the upcoming seasons.

Even after exhausting a Battle Pass, there can be more and more content that can be unlocked with additional XP. Additional styles for unlocked skins are a great example of this, and these versions tend to be rarer as not many players take this additional route after exhausting their Battle Passes.

So you can quickly move up in Fourteen days Chapter three.

Don’t sleep on the daily and weekly challenges

Each week, Epic Games introduces more weekly challenges. While these weekly challenges can sometimes be crucial to telling the story, they’re the main way to earn XP Fourteen days.

Each weekly challenge comes with a hefty XP reward, and most don’t even take that long to complete. Often times, if you want to unlock all Battle Passes quickly, completing each weekly quest as it becomes available is the way to go.

While the Daily Challenges reward less XP compared to Weekly Challenges, they are also important and the XP you get from them will slowly add up.

If you can’t find the time to complete all of the challenges, priority should be given to completing quests with higher rarities. Legendary quests have more XP than rare quests, which makes them more time efficient. After you’ve completed all of the legendary ones, you can focus on epics and rares.

For most of the seasons, Epic also adds seasonal challenges Fourteen days, which may include cosmetics and XP for rewards. These additional challenges are an excellent source of XP and cosmetics in the end, but you may have limited time to complete as they will be available during mid-season events.

Most of the challenges will be self-explanatory, but they will also be more difficult to crack. If that’s the case, grab it. return Online instructions on YouTube is often your best bet as they can tell you exactly where to go to overcome these challenges.

Be more active in games

Fourteen days rewards active players with more XP. Get 50 XP for your first kill in a match, while getting 20 XP for all other takedowns thereafter. Survival rewards players with 17 XP per minute and is limited to 14 minutes.

Starting with the top 20, you will also get XP based on your ranking. As you get into the top 20 you will get 25 XP, if you make it into the top 10 you will be rewarded with 100 XP and a Victory Royale will have a reward of 300 XP.

Open loot boxes and chests

Most players make the mistake of not opening any more chests or loot boxes when they are full of resources. Even if you don’t need the loot, opening chests and loot boxes will give you a small XP reward that can add up.

When you run out of challenges, it can be a great way to focus on opening up so many chests and loot boxes for extra XP.

Complete milestones

Even if you’re not careful, you will complete milestones in each one Fourteen days Season. The Milestone system rewards players for performing everyday tasks in matches such as causing damage to enemy players.

By the end of a season, you will likely complete most of the milestones, but there can still be more left as some of them can be extremely demanding. Players who need more XP to unlock more content often focus on the remaining milestones on their list. Milestones, while offering smaller XP rewards, are usually easier to complete.

Purchase Levels

This is probably not the answer most gamers are looking for, but purchasing Battle Pass levels is the fastest way to unlock all of the Battle Pass content. Players who have a hard time maximizing their Battle Passes during a season, or who just want to unlock all content instantly, often opt for this route. Paying the extra cash doesn’t seem like it is worth it at first, but you can’t worry about facing challenges until the end of the season.

To play with friends

Some of the challenges in Fourteen days require players to cooperate with their teammates. This can be relatively more difficult when you team up with random players, making playing with friends a more time-efficient way to complete challenges.

Not only will you have more fun, but you will also be able to master team-related challenges much faster than usual. You can also help each other as a team, even if everyone has a different challenge. If any of your friends have a challenge that requires them to open chests and boxes of ammo, you can tag them so they can complete their challenge faster.

Battle Pass content is only available during that season, so most players are rushing to get their copy. When the next season starts there will be no way to purchase skins or other cosmetics from the older ones.

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