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How to get Icy Feet in Fortnite?

There are a handful of winter-themed articles that have found their way around Fourteen days‘s Winterfest 2021, the first event of chapter three. This group of items includes the returning radiator grenades, which leave players with an icy effect known as Icy Feet instead of causing sustained damage.

Icy Feet can be used to either hinder your opponents in firefights or to build battles, or to supplement your own movement mechanics. But how can you get it?

How do I get Icy Feet in Fourteen days

Icy feet will affect players who are within the explosion radius of chiller grenades. Radiator grenades are common high-quality thrown objects that explode after just a second, knocking back nearby players and giving them Icy Feet. Radiator grenades can be found in chests or in ordinary floor loot, as well as usable Christmas gifts.

The Icy Feet effect causes the player to get ice on their feet, causing them to slide around for the next 10 seconds as if the friction setting had been turned down. The effect causes the distance you travel due to the shock wave of the chiller grenade to also increase.

If you’re trying to travel greater distances faster – and indeed, there’s a Winterfest mission out there that does just that – your best bet is to drop a chiller grenade right behind you, then face the direction you are going would. Needless to say, going downhill will keep you going further and faster.

You can also use chiller grenades and their Icy Feet effect against enemies; If an enemy player shoots you on top of a tower, a well-placed chiller grenade will make it difficult for them to stay on top of their tower.

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