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How to get Durahan in Monster Rancher 2

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In the further course Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX, you will notice a lot of shiny new monsters that you have yet to encounter in the shrine in the later tournaments. This is because many types of monsters are banned and you must meet certain requirements before you can generate them for yourself.

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One of the monsters that you can unlock in Monster Rancher 2 is Durahan, and getting this pretty cool armored monster takes a little more work (and luck) than some of the others.

How to get the old scabbard in Monster Rancher 2

Monster Rancher 2 Parepare jungle old scabbard

The most important thing is that you get the Old scabbard. This rare item is on the Parepare jungle expedition. To unlock this expedition, you have to meet these requirements:

  • Monster is Rank C or higher
  • Monster has 50+ fame
  • Monster has 140+ lives
  • You have before completed the first Kawrea expedition

If you meet these requirements, you will see Kavaro in the first week of October to invite you into the Parepare jungle. You must be on the ranch to receive this invitation, that means rest or training in the fourth week of September. If by this point your monster is injured or goes astray, you will miss the opportunity until next year.

Note: We highly recommend saving before that date so you can go back and try again if you fail.

Expedition Notes:

  • The “energy” of your monster is depleted when it moves around the map, clears obstacles or searches interesting places. If your monster reaches -10 energy points before it reaches the camp, it will be KO – the expedition will fail and Your monster’s lifespan will be shortened.
  • The map layout is always the same here, but once you start looking for points of interest it happens by chance which rooms your monster will go to – so we recommend saving beforehand. The higher your monster’s INT, the better it can find items.


If you are in the Parepare Jungle, you will want to Aim at the palace behind the pumpkin.

Monster Rancher 2 pumpkin in the Parepare jungle

Directions to the palace from the entrance are as follows:

  • Go forward to the first fork (X: 0, Y: 2)
  • Go right and stop at the tree stump on your left (X: 7, Y: 2)
  • Got your monster Destroy the tree (Alternatively, you can walk around, it seems to have the same cost)
  • Once the path is open, go as far forward as you can go (X: 7, Y: 11)
  • Turn left and follow the path to the first intersection (X: 3, Y: 8)
  • Next two spaces forward (X: 3, Y: 5)
  • Turn right and go down until a path opens on your right (X: -1, Y: 5)
  • Turn right and the pumpkin is in front of you (X: -1, Y: 9)
  • Let your monster remove the pumpkin and straight ahead to the palace

Monster Rancher 2 searches the palace in the Parepare jungle

Send your monster on to search the palace hoping to get that Old scabbard.

Unless you are very lucky, it will take several tries and likely several reloads. Ideally, you want to be able to get the Old Sheath and still have enough energy to make it back to camp without your monster knocking out. However, if you get the Old Scabbard and then your Monster KOs, you can still keep the item.

Note: We tried this several times with a low INT monster and were out of luck. Since INT affects the items a monster finds, monsters with low INT may just have a very slim chance of getting the item, but we tried a long time ago. We recommend having a monster with 300+ INT to get the Old Sheath and even then you will likely have to reload your save file a couple of times.

Monster-Rancher-2 - parepare-jungle-old-scabbard-1

How to unlock Durahan in Monster Rancher 2

Monster Rancher 2 Item Shop Sword Story

Once you have your old vagina Go to the Item Shop and Aunt Verde will tell you a rumor that someone stole some swords from the Parepare region.

The next step is to Get your monster to rank A.. If you have a Rank A monster in the first week of February after receiving the Alte Scheide and speaking to Aunt Verde, you will be invited to a special invitation tournament in the fourth week of February. Once again, You must be at the ranch to receive this invitation and participate in the tournament again.

Note: We highly recommend saving before that date so you can go back and try again if you fail.

In this invitation game you play against Durahan. You must win to get the Double Edged Sword item.

Monster Rancher 2 defeats Durahan

Once you have the double edged sword, go in city and go to laboratory so you can Combine any two monsters with the sword as a secret spice item. This guarantees you a durahan.

Monster Rancher 2 combined to form Durahan
Note: Once you’ve unlocked Durahan, you can also generate it from CDs at the shrine. We are dealing here with CDs that Durahan and its variants generate.

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