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How to get a creeper head

Creeper in Minecraft can be pretty scary when you’re playing in survival mode. These monsters sneak up on you and can blow you up in seconds. Most of the time you don’t want to have anything to do with creepers, but they provide the rare creeper head block. This is essentially her decapitated head that you can lay on the floor or arm yourself.

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To get a creeper head, a charged creeper must blow up a normal creeper. While this sounds easy, it can be quite difficult. As we all know, creepers explode when you’re around. With the right armor, the blast won’t kill you, but charged creepers have bigger blasts making them more deadly. First, let’s think about how to prepare to get a creeper head.

Preparation to get a creeper head

Player inventory showing preparations to get Creeper Head

Before you can get the head, you need to do some prep. You should bring the following materials with you.

  • A good armor set – Best enchanted with explosion protection in case the creeper explodes
  • Flint and steel
  • Trident – Enchanted with channeling
  • sword – To defend yourself when something goes wrong

You should be good with the above points. Overall, you want to be prepared for the worst-case scenario – both creepers blow up and kill you. For this reason, you should bring good armor and a weapon. You can also enchant your armor with Blast Protection to further ensure you don’t die.


Create a charged creeper

Player holding a trident while looking at a charged creeper

To make a charged creeper, you must have one Trident enchants with channeling on a normal creeper during a thunderstorm.

Channeling is an enchantment that casts lightning when it hits a mob which is added with a charming table. For more information, see our complete guide to enchanting. Alternatively, an enchantment book can be purchased through trading with villagers’ librarians.

With your newly enchanted trident, you have to wait for a thunderstorm to happen in the world. This is an unusual weather condition; You can’t force a thunderstorm, you just have to wait patiently. As soon as it starts to thunder, the sky will turn dark and mobs will start to spawn.

At this point all you have to do is Find a creeper, step back, and hit it with your trident. When you have loyalty on your trident, it returns so you don’t have to get it.

Ignite the charged creeper

Creeper stands next to a charged creeper in a boat

Now that you have a charged creeper, it’s time to find a second creeper. There’s no easy way to move creepers around, so you essentially have to guide them towards each other. To guide a creeper you need to be within range for it to follow you but far enough away that it doesn’t explode.

Top: Place a boat in front of the charged creeper and stand nearby. The creeper will walk towards you and then get stuck in the boat. This will ensure that the charged creeper will not migrate and accidentally explode.

After you find a second creeper, keep it a reasonable distance but make sure it follows you. Guide the normal creeper to the charged creeper, then quickly run away. The normal creeper can move, but it won’t get too far. You can also build a small fenced area if you are concerned that the creeper will migrate too far.

With the creepers close together, You have to run to the charged creeper and interact with it while holding a flint and steel. This ignites the creeper, causing a delayed explosion.

Player looking into explosion hole with creeper head

Once you’ve ignited the charged creeper, you’re running! Their explosion is huge, so you need to run to a safe distance. The charged creeper will explode kills the normal creeper and drops its head. In the picture above you can see the massive hole that the charged creeper left, along with the creeper head below.

This method also works for skeletons and zombies. For example, if you use a charged creeper to kill a skeleton, you will get a skeleton head.

What to do with a creeper head

Creeper head placed on sand

Overall, creepers are used for decoration. You can wrap them around your base or wear them on your head. When playing on a multiplayer server, you can put on a creeper head to scare others.

By combining a creeper head and sheet of paper, you can also create a creeper banner pattern. This is a creeper face pattern that can be placed on banners from a loom.

That’s all you need to know about how to get a creeper head. This can be a dangerous task so prepare for it. If you’ve never done this before it may take a few tries, but don’t give up!

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