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How to find buried treasure in Minecraft

With each update for Minecraft, the world seems to be getting bigger. Back in 2018 we received Update Aquatic, which completely expands the oceans. One of the supplements included was buried treasure maps.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to use these treasure maps, as well as the loot you can get from treasure chests. Finding the maps and chests might seem like a long process, but the loot makes it totally worth it. First, let’s look at how to find a treasure map.

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Updated January 17, 2022 by William Quick: Minecraft continues to be one of the most popular games around the world, both casually and professionally. People are constantly discovering and achieving new things as they play through. One such discovery is the presence of Buried Treasure, which can yield great rewards if you know how to find it. We’ve updated this guide to add new ways to find valuable items without a map.


How to find Minecraft treasure maps

Underwater shipwreck in the ice

Buried treasure maps can only found in shipwrecks and sea ruins. Shipwrecks are underwater structures that resemble sunken ships. Some shipwrecks can have mobs like drowned spawners, so it’s best to be careful when exploring. Also, shipwrecks will spawn in different locations. For example, in the image above you can see a shipwreck stuck on its side in the ice. They can also partially spawn on land or be buried on the beach.

In each shipwreck you can find up to three chests with a variety of loot. To get a Treasure Map you need to find the Map Chest. They aren’t labeled, but this chest will be located in the lower part of the ship. If there is a card chest, then there will be 100% chance it contains a buried treasure map.

Similar to shipwrecks, You can find ocean ruins underwater. They are slightly rarer than shipwrecks and can be quite tricky to navigate. These structures are located in marine biomes and appear to look like an underwater village. In the buildings of an ocean ruins there are chests full of loot. You have a 43 percent chance of finding a buried treasure map in these chests.

Overall, looking for a buried treasure map in shipwrecks is a better choice.

How to find buried treasure in Minecraft

Player holding a treasure map and looking at the location

Now that you have the buried treasure map, let’s take a look. If you don’t stand near the treasure, you will see it Landmasses outlined, with the ocean filled with orange stripes. As you get closer to the buried treasure, the map fills with color. In the image above you can see that the map has been partially filled out. Mostly You can find these chests on the beach or just offshore.

Although it is rare You may find a chest in the middle of the ocean. If so, make sure you have it Respiration and Aqua Affinity Enchantments on your armor so you can reach the bottom of the ocean without drowning. The treasure is by the red X. It can be difficult to pinpoint this location exactly, but there’s a trick you can find below.

Find treasure with Chunk Borders

Buried Treasure will always generate near the middle of the chunk. The world is divided into sections called chucks that are not visible while playing. Fortunately, you can easily turn on chunk borders by pressing F3 + G. This will show all chunks.

As you approach the X on the map, activate the Chunk Boundaries and find the middle blocks of the chunk. Dig down until you reach the treasure chest and collect your rewards.

How to find treasure in Minecraft without a map

Minecraft tropical beach from Jungle Biome

There may be times when you don’t have the patience to look for cards and want to jump straight to the treasure. While this may take a little longer, it is not impossible. The good news is that buried treasure can generally be found in same places that maps may like coastal areas, shipwrecks and the seabed. More specifically, buried treasure will keep spawning Beaches, snowy beaches and rocky coasts.

However, it can be difficult to know where to start digging, as buried treasure doesn’t suddenly appear on the map when you’re nearby. Based on the area it’s in, the treasure can be covered with blocks that match its surroundings sand or gravel. Still, the generation is randomized, so the buried treasure could be covered by any suitable block material like ore-filled blocks. Because of this, be on the lookout for any suspicious mounds or clusters of blocks that seems out of place.

There’s also guaranteed buried treasure, depending on which version of Minecraft you’re playing. If it is that Java edition, you can find treasure at chunk coordinates 9 of 15 on the X/Y axis and will face east. If you play them Bedrock editionthe coordinates change to 8 out of 15 on the X/Z axis.

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What to Expect in Treasure Chest Loot

Loot from the treasure chest in the player inventory

The buried treasure chests contain a variety of loot. Below are all of the potential loot along with the odds of finding them.

article chance to find
heart of the sea 100%
iron ingot 99%
gold bar 88%
Boiled cod 75%
Boiled Salmon 75%
Leather tunic 75%
iron sword 75%
TNT 62%
Prismarine Crystals 60%
diamond 60%

As you can see, you have a pretty good chance of finding every treasure. When playing with others on a server, it can be difficult to tell if a chest has been looted. Happily, Each buried treasure contains a Heart of the Sea. That means if it’s gone, someone has already looted the chest.

heart of the sea

Pipe placed at the bottom of the water

Buried treasure chests are those only place where you can find the heart of the sea. At first glance, these may not seem all that important, but don’t get rid of them! A Heart of the Sea is incredibly rare and can be used to craft a Conduit.

Conduits are handcrafted structures that provide a variety of underwater buffs, similar to beacons. With a line nearby you have Water breathing, night vision and haste underwater. Additionally, Conduits will attack nearby enemy mobs.

To craft a pipe you will need the following materials.

  • A heart of the sea
  • Eight nautilus shells

Nautilus shells are also a bit difficult to obtain. You can purchase them from the Wandering Trader for five emeralds, However, they will only sell you five. Drowned mobs have a 3% chance of holding a grenade and will always drop it after death. Finally, nautilus shells can be gained by fishing, but they are a rare item and will take time to fish them.

That’s all there is to know about buried treasure. Don’t forget to collect your loot and build a conduit.

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