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How To Do Multiplayer In Mario Party Superstars

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The Mario Party franchise now has another entry full of board game fun with all your favorite Super Mario characters. However, playing alone isn’t as much fun as playing with other people, which is why the multiplayer in Mario Party Superstars is one of the most important mechanics in the game.

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There are a few ways to use multiplayer in Mario Party Superstars, including both online and offline options. There are also other features outside of the traditional board game mode that you can play with other people. Here’s everything you should know about multiplayer in Mario Party Superstars and how to start playing with others immediately after launching the game.


Updated on February 12, 2022 by Michael Caruso: Mario Party Superstars is one of the most online-friendly games in the Mario Party franchise, so there are lots of mechanics you can use while playing with other people, such as Mt. Minigame and the sticker feature that allows you to communicate with your friends . There are a few more things you should know about how to use the multiplayer functions in Mario Party Superstars, so here’s everything else you can do to communicate with other players online and locally.

Every Type Of Multiplayer And How To Play With Other People

Mario Party Superstars Online Main Menu Selection

Multiplayer is very important in Mario Party Superstars since it features a board game layout that works best with multiple people. Luckily, the multiplayer in Mario Party Superstars is quite expansive, especially if you compare it to previous games in the franchise.

Below you can discover which types of multiplayer are available in Mario Party Superstars and how to jump into the action with friends or random players from around the world. A lobby can include up to four players, regardless of if you’re playing with your friends or random people.

Does Mario Party Superstars Have Online Multiplayer?

Online multiplayer isn’t a mechanic that the Mario Party franchise has always put first; however, the online features in Mario Party Superstars are one of its core mechanics. Mario Party Superstars features online matchmaking with random players, which means that you can choose the map you want to play on, and then the game will match you with up to three random people.

It’s harder to play with random players since you never know if they’ll quit in the middle of a match, and you can’t communicate with them without stickers; however, it’s still a lot of fun. You can start matchmaking with other players by choosing the “Online Play” option and then clicking on the “Global Game” button.

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Online matchmaking isn’t the only way to play with other people online; you can also join rooms that other players create, either by joining your friends or finding people through online chats. You can also create a room and distribute the code to whoever you want to join in on the fun, and then they can enter your lobby.

Does Mario Party Superstars Have Local Multiplayer?

If playing online isn’t your preference, then you can play with other people locally. You can connect additional controllers and play with people that are near your Nintendo Switch. Alternatively, you can also play with people who have their own Nintendo Switch and are near your console. If you want to play a match of Mario Party Superstars with a nearby friend who has a separate Nintendo Switch, then select “Local Play” after launching the game to connect with nearby consoles.

How To Set Up An Internet Connection On The Nintendo Switch

An internet connection is necessary to play any online games on the Nintendo Switch, so this step-by-step guide will explain how to set one up.

While on the Nintendo Switch’s home menu, press “System Settings,” then select “Internet.” You can connect your router to the Nintendo Switch by pressing “Internet Settings” and then clicking on your network from the list of available options. Enter your passcode if you have one, after which the connection should be available to use.

You also need to subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online if you want to play Mario Party Superstars with other players through an internet connection. Here’s a full guide for creating a Nintendo Switch account and how to subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online.

Can You Play Mt. Minigame With Multiple Players?

Mario Party Superstars Baseball Minigame With Four Players

Mt. Minigame is a fun party game feature in Mario Party Superstars that allows you to practice minigames and challenge other players to specific games for friendly competition. You can play Mt. Minigames with other people, including online players. If you want to practice minigames against other players or have a competition with your friends, then Mt. Minigame is a fantastic mode that you can access through the main hub-world after selecting whether you want to play with local or online players.

How To Use Stickers

Mario Party Superstars Player Using The Stickers Menu To Select A Sticker

Stickers are a feature you can use to show your emotions to other players in Mario Party Superstars, similar to emoticons. Each sticker has a unique picture, so there are lots of options to choose from. You can use stickers in a match by moving the left joystick and selecting whichever one you want to use. Additionally, you can buy new stickers at Toad’s Shop, which you can access through the main hub-world.


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