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How to Disable Proximity Chat in Warzone 2

With Proximity Chat set to be one of the headlining features for Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 at launch, it’s perhaps no surprise that many are skeptical about its addition.

For those wondering what it is and how to avoid using it at all, here’s a breakdown of how to disable Proximity Chat in Warzone 2.

Since Warzone 2 has yet to be officially released, it is unclear how exactly players will be able to disable Proximity Chat. However, it indeed has already been confirmed that Proximity Chat will be a setting that players can enable and disable as they please, so there should be no concerns on that end.

As seen with popular battle royales such as PUBG: Battlegrounds and DayZ, Proximity Chat can truly make for some unforgettable moments. Proximity Chat extends the realism of using your voice to communicate by mimicking how sound travels in real life. The closer you are to another player, the louder you hear their voice. This not only means you need to be close to a teammate for them to hear you, but you also need to be careful about what opponents may or may not hear.

If it is implemented the way it was showcased during the event, Warzone 2’s proximity chat should work both in the pre-game lobby, as well as throughout the entire game. Compared to other titles with proximity chat, the one used in Warzone 2 at the time did seem to be not all that precise, as players could hear enemies loud and clear no matter how far away they were at a certain range.

In Warzone 2, Activision particularly encourages players to use Proximity Chat during encounters in the Gulag in Battle Royale and for Assimilation tactics in DMZ, which involve communicating with random players.

Ultimately, of course, players will be able to not use the feature at all if they don’t want to. For one, using Proximity Chat would be terrible for those looking to simply play as strategically as possible and don’t want to give away their callouts. Additionally, it’s simply hard to see a case in which players wouldn’t run into toxic members of the COD community just by the very nature of the feature, despite Activision’s claims that anti-toxicity rules will be enforced.

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