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How to complete the murdered settler quest in Star Wars KOTOR

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Dantooine is the first planet in war of stars: Knights of the Old Republic where you can explore it as a Jedi and Force user. As such, the game also gives you a glimpse into the role the Jedi are playing in society at this point on the Star Wars timeline. One of these roles is to serve as a crime solver, which is the basis of the side quest Murdered Settler in KOTOR.

RELATED: Things You Should Know Before Playing Knights Of The Old RepublicA settler named Calder network was murdered and the Jedi asked Bolook to find out which of the two suspects might have murdered him. There will be multiple outcomes of how Murdered Settler works, but in the end only one is best.


How to start a murdered settler in KOTOR

The murder investigation scene in which the murdered settler plays

The quest takes place in the Grove section of Dantooine, especially at the bridge on the river, which runs in the middle part the Grove card. There you will find a Twi’lek Jedi named Bolook. Note that if you have escaped the Leviathan, you will not be able to complete this quest as access to Dantooine will be cut off from you after escaping the ship. You must also accept it once you encounter it as a refusal will prevent you from completing it.

Talk to Bolook and he will tell you that he named the murder of a settler. examined Calder network. He’ll tell you that Calder was hunting him cloudy Tomorrow when he was apparently killed by one of two people Rickard Lusoff and Handon Gold.

Bolook will inform you that both men have a noticeable injury, Lusoff with an ankle injury, and Guld is clutching his own side. On top of that, Blood was found on Calder’s riflethat is currently being analyzed. Bolook will bring a droid to provide you with additional information, and your party members can’t help you here, so it’s entirely up to your detective skills to solve the case.

Questioning the suspects

To get to the bottom of the investigation, you need to interview the suspects, then use the droid to check the information. Then you have to tell Bolook which of the two men is lying. There are four rounds of interrogation that you must complete in order to solve this murder and analyze the corpse and gun, but it is not required to complete this quest.

Round one

Bolook describes what he encountered at the scene of the murdered settler

In the first round of questioning, it is checked how the suspects got on the corpse. Guld will tell you that he was out and about every day when he came across the body with Lusoff nearby. Lusoff will tell you that he was out on the hunt and nearly killed an Iriaz when a sun visor screwed up his shot, whereupon he chased the creature and came across Guld standing over Calder’s body. After that, you can speak to the droid for additional information before returning to Bolook and sharing your results with them.

RELATED: Star Wars: KOTOR Tips For BeginnersBolook will ask you which character you suspect the killer is. The correct answer will be Rickard, and then it has to be said that there was no sun glare as it was cloudy which means that Rickard’s shot should not be affected. You won’t find out who killed him, but you get closer and closer to the truth.

Round two

One suspect describes how well he knew the murdered settler during the search of the same name

Now for the next round of interviews, in which both suspects are asked about their relationship with the victim. Talk to them but they won’t tell you much except for Rickard who says he doesn’t know the victim. Now speak to the droid who will tell you each suspect’s relationship with the victim.

Rickard was Business partner with Calder, while Handon rented a glider from him. Return to Bolook and report your results again, and say that again Rickard is lying because he lied that he was Calder’s business partner.

Round three

Handon claims his blaster was stolen

Round three of the interviewing suspects in Murdered Settler involves the murder weapon. Talk to the suspects as you did before and Handon will surprise you by telling you that his wife cheated on him with the victim. Despite the clear motive, Handon protests his innocence and says that his Blaster was stolen recently.

Ask the droid about Handon’s report on his blaster and he will tell you it is no report of a stolen blaster from Handon, which means it wasn’t stolen. Talk to Bolook again, this time telling him that Handon is lying and select the option that says he lied about the blaster being stolen.

Round four

Bolook's droid reveals that the blood from Calder's rifle is not his

This is the last part of the survey that shows the great revelation. Talk to both suspects one last time and the droid will tell you the blood analysis is complete, which shows the sample is badly degraded, but obviously the blood is on the rifle is not Calders.

Talk to Bolook one last time and he will tell you the blood belonged to the victim. Inform him of his mistake, then claim the blood was from Handon, which is evidenced by his injured side. Bolook will check and find that Handon is bleeding from a blaster wound, which shows that the blood really came from him. Now is the time to find out who is really guilty.

The correct and final answer is: both men are guilty And while Bolook will tell you this is a bold claim, it is actually the correct one. What happened was that both Rickard and Handon wanted Calder dead, but Handon came to him first and killed him. Then Rickard, who was well away, shot and killed Handon, who mistook him for Calder, caused the wound and made him call the authorities.

Rewards for completing the Murdered Settler in KOTOR

Both men will be locked up, and Bolook will thank you for your help. You will get a whopping 1,310 XP for completing Murdered Settler in KOTOR if you solve the case correctly and found both men guilty, which is a lot compared to other quests in the game. Instead, however, you’ll get 470xp if you found just one of them guilty, or 570xp if you indict both men but found only one guilty.

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