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How to catch Giratina in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Giratina lives in the realm parallel to that of the Pokémon world. Legend has it that Giratina can freely traverse both time and space, manipulating both to her liking. Giratina is very territorial by nature. Therefore, it will attack anyone who approaches it. In Legends Arceus, Giratina is responsible for a good part of the forward-moving story. By creating rifts in space and time, Giratina creates Alpha Pokémon and berserk Noble Pokémon. To help players, this guide will explain how to catch Giratina in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Be warned, catching Giratina is no easy task.

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To encounter Giratina, players must first complete the mission, In search of the remaining plates. Essentially, players must have already captured Azelf, Mesprit, Uxie, Heatran, Cresselia, and Regigias in the aftermath. Then talk to Cogita. The player must then present three pieces of wood, which are then rewarded with a Pixie Plate.

Then head up Coronet Highlandsand go upstairs Celestica Ruins. When you reach the summit, the real challenge begins. This special mission requires players to battle Volo, who has a whole group of level 68 Pokémon. Prepare yourself with consumables and powerful Pokémon.

The Pokemon in the party are:

Spiritomb (Ghost / Dark)

Togekiss (fairy/flies)

Arcanine (Fire/Stone)

Garchomp (Dragon/Ground)

Roserade (Grass/Poison)

Lucario (Combat/Steel)


After defeating Volo, players are thrown directly into battle against Giratina (ghost/dragon) in his altered form. The story magically heals the player’s Pokémon, so don’t worry too much at this point.

The fight has two phases. In the first phase, the player cannot catch the Pokémon anyway. So don’t be careful and knock it out as efficiently as possible. Giratina Origin Form follows immediately after, fully restoring his health. Again, at this point, don’t worry about catching it.


After defeating Giratina and going through the mandatory cutscenes, return to Jubilife Village. Talk to Professor Laventon, who claims to have seen a giant shadow. Travel to the Cobalt Shores and go to Turnback Cave, near the Spring Path in the Cobalt Coastlands. The fight starts again, but this time Giratina (Ghost/Dragon) can be captured. Lower his health and use the best Pokeballs available.


Unlike the other mainline Pokémon games, Pokemon Legends Arceus allows players to retry legendary encounters if the player accidentally kills them. In other words, don’t worry also much about saving ahead of time and perfecting the catch on the first try. If you return to Jubilife City and then return to the area, Giratina should respawn. There’s a lot more to do besides trying to catch the Legendaries after the game. Hopefully players will enjoy the Pokemon Legends Arceus playthrough as much as the staff here at The Game Haus.

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