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How To Beat The Tormented Duke In Fallen Legion Revenants

The Tormented Duke is the second boss of Fallen Legion Revenants’ second chapter. Just by looking at this guy, you know he isn’t quite right. Clearly, he has been corrupted by the miasma and has lost all semblance of sanity, yet retains some sense of self-awareness. After all, all of his magic is named after remorse and lament.

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But enough of that, Tormented Duke gets as much narrative weight as a feather, and none of that matters when it comes to putting him down once and for all. What does matter is his love of magic. If you want to overcome this guy, you are going to have to be quick on your feet as he is out to exorcise Rowena once and for all.


The Tormented Duke’s Attacks

The Tormented Duke doesn’t have many attacks because he simply doesn’t need more than a couple at his disposal – so long as he spams them until time comes to an end the heat death of the universe descends upon Rowena and co.

attack explanation counters
Revenant’s Remorse This is the Tormented Duke’s main attack. He conjures two magical spheres above the party, and in line with Rowena. After a brief delay, they explode. If Rowena is hit by the explosion, all Revenants take a large chunk of damage. The counter is to move. You can’t block this attack as the attack targets Rowena, not her Exemplars. Since Rowena is functionally defenseless on her own, you need to move to the tile Revenant’s Remorse is not hovering over ASAP.
Revenant’s Dirge Revenant’s Dirge is more-or-less Revenant’s Remorse but on steroids. This attack deals more damage, and what’s more, the attack explodes almost immediately giving you a split second to move out of the way. Unlike Revenant’s Remorse, you can’t really move out of the way in time reliably. Instead, you need to remove the Tormented Duke’s ability to cast this spell. We will go into details on how to do that when we discuss his overarching mechanics.
Recovery Attack After the Tormented Duke has been Staggered, he will unleash a powerful burst of magic that uniquely hits your Exemplars – not Rowena. This attack can be Perfect Parried if you time it right, but it may just be easier to end your Stagger combo before he recovers. You have around four seconds to attack Tormented Duke before he begins casting this spell.

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Tormented Dukes Mechanics

Tormented Duke’s main gimmick is that he is trying to kill Rowena – not your copies. Most of his attacks target Rowena, which means your Exemplars defenses are not massively relevant here. This ties into another mechanic, however.

A purple tile will spawn on Tormented Duke’s side of the battlefield. If Tormented Duke stands on this tile, he will unlock Revenant’s Dirgewhich completely replaces Revenant’s Remorse. Revenant’s Dirge is significantly more dangerousand if he is allowed to cast it undisturbed, you will lose this fight very quickly.

If you can move Tormented Duke off of this tile, however, his power will subside and he will revert back to using Revenant’s Remorse – although this change is not instant.

Which Exemplar’s To Use

What you want here is damage. Tormented Duke does not care about your defenses as he will simply bypass it all anyway by slapping Rowena around. You want to be able to Break Tormented Duke quickly, and then deal as much health damage as you can in as short a time as possible. The final piece of the puzzle is push and pull abilities. You want to be able to manipulate Tormented Duke’s position to prevent him from gaining access to Revenant’s Dirge.

jacquine, Alister, burgundyand Solomon are all excellent picks, although we also like Zulfiqar due to his fast attacks and powerful Deathblows.


The trick to this fight is pacing, timing, manipulationand positioning. The best tile to stand on for this fight is yours centre tiles. This will let you move back or forward to avoid Tormented Duke’s attacks without having to move multiple spaces at once. This is very important as the delay, even on Revenant’s Remorse, is not very long. If you have to move multiple tiles, you will likely get hit.

next up, ye want to keep an eye on where Tormented Duke is standingand where his Trance tile has spawned. It should be a priority to move him away from this tileas him standing on it can be devastating.

Finally, pacing and timing. Tormented Duke has fantastic BP regeneration – like most bosses. Because of this, you can’t just spam your attacks as this leaves a large amount of downtime allowing Tormented Duke to recover. Try and stagger your attacks so you always have an attack on the way.

With Tormented Duke dead, you are free to move on to greater challenges.

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