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How To Beat The Cryptseer In Fallen Legion Revenants

The Cryptseer is likely the first boss in Fallen Legion Revenant’s third chapter to really give you trouble. This boss asks a lot of the player, and it doesn’t give you a lot of time to ponder on your answer. Mixing powerful attacks, with mix-ups, awkward timings and elemental attunement, the Cryptseer is no joke and is more than happy to put you down.

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This is to be expected of course. The mission leading to the Cryptseer is jam-packed with growing tension. Cryptseer’s introduction and eventual reveal are built over several encounters, and finally coming face to face with it is both a blessing and a curse. Get ready to parry like your life depends on it.


Cryptseer’s Attacks

Cryptseer is a powerful magic user who exclusively uses ranged attacks to deal damage. Whilst Cryptseer doesn’t have many attacks, each attack requires unique timing to counter effectively, and failure is punished harshly.

attack explanation counters
Lightning projectiles Cryptseer sends out two lightning projectiles in a double helix formation. This attack is deceptively slow at traveling across the battlefield, making it uniquely awkward to parry. This is further exacerbated by the way the projectile moves through the air making it harder to track. Be patient and don’t block too early.
Ice projectiles Cryptseer sends out a powerful ice projectile that hits twice. This attack is just as tricky as the last but in a different way. This attack moves very quickly across the screen and actually hides a second projectile obscured by the first. You need to hold the Block button if you want to mitigate some damage. If you time your parry perfectly, you can reflect both projectiles back at Cryptseer.
Summon Cauldron Cryptseer summons a cauldron at the back of the arena. While active, Cryptseer enters Trance and gains access to Insatiable Hunger. This cauldron is by far the most dangerous element of this fight. It can’t be staggered, it has a lot of HP, and it makes Cryptseer substantially more powerful. Not only that, but you can’t rearrange the Cauldron to be in front of Cryptseer, meaning Melee Exemplars can’t hurt it (for the most part). It needs to be destroyed ASAP, so the counter is Ranged Exemplars.
Insatiable hunger While in a trance, Cryptseer unleashes a horde of wraiths that will attack your party in quick succession. This attack deals heavy damage and can be spammed. Despite looking like a ranged attack, this attack is classed as melee and cannot be reflected. The counter is to destroy the Cauldron before this attack is used too many times. Failing that, you need to get the timing right – which is difficult. The wraiths attack very quickly, and their Parry window is incredibly tight. Make sure to keep some mana for healing for emergencies.

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Cryptseer Mechanics

The Cryptseer is the first boss you have encountered that can gain access to Trance whilst having no easy way of negating that state. Each boss prior to this had to stand in a specific location and could be manipulated. Cryptseer will not be defeated that easily. His trance is directly tied to his Cauldron, so destroying his Cauldron is the only answer.

Which Specimens To Bring

We are a massive fan of Zulfiqar being on the front lines. Zulfiqar is tanky, has access to some great armour, and his Deathblows can be very handy across the board. He also synergises very well with effects that activate on Parry, making him a versatile damage dealer.

Zulfiqar is not going to win you the fight, however. You want Exemplars who can reach out and touch tiles, and for this, ranged Exemplars are key. The obvious two would be Burgundy, Jacquine, or Dardanelle. Normally we would take a Melee DPS, but for this fight, we would recommend against that unless they had aimable Deathblows.


The plan here is to use the early fight to learn and exploit Cryptseer’s basic attacks. Both of his projectiles are easily Reflected and can be used to stack BP damage effectively. Break Cryptseer and then use Rushdown to deal as much damage as possible. This is also a fantastic way to gain Manawhich you will likely need to survive Insatiable Hunger.

When Cryptseer summons his Cauldron, be prepared to take a lot of damage until you figure out the parry timing. If you miss a block, there is a high chance you will be staggered and then take the full attack to the face. Healing is essential if this happens – especially with your squishier characters.

With the Cauldron active, your focus should be to do as much damage as you can to it using your Ranged Exemplars. Basic attacks are fine – especially if you have two characters going at once – but Deathblows are ideal. Breaking the Cauldron will deal heavy BP damage to Cryptseer, making it easier for you to Break him and initiate a Rushdown.

Be aware that Cryptseer will summon his Cauldron repeatedly throughout this fightso you will need to destroy it several times before you finally take him down for good.

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