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How To Beat Field Bosses

Teamwork and exploration are both very large parts of Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds. Kingdoms give you a way of waging wars between teams, whereas other gameplay elements such as the game’s hidden chests and vistas encourage you to uncover all the map’s secrets.

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Cross Worlds also has a Bossing mode, called Field Bosses, which brings together both of these aspects of the game while also requiring a solid understanding of its combat mechanics. You’ll be tracking down some of the land’s most fearsome creatures and defeating them in large teams for incredible rewards, from exclusive items to ever-important staple materials. Here, we’ll go over where to find each boss, as well as the strategies you should have in mind whilst fighting them and what rewards you can gather.


Basics and Essentials

Field Bosses are large, monstrous creatures that you’ll be taking down in coordinated teams. Each one spawns four times a day (once every six hours)giving you multiple chances to conquer them no matter what timezone you’re in. However, bear in mind that you have to reach level 18 before Field Bosses are unlocked for you.

Once you’ve hit this level requirement, you can see information about all of the game’s Field Bosses in the Field Boss menuin the challenges section of the main menu. Here, you’ll be able to almost travel to every Field Bossas well as see vital information about what they’re weak to.

This screen will also show you what rewards you can get by defeating a Field Boss. Each boss has unique rewards, although they will all supply you with the usual fare of power-up materials and the like. Your loot from a kill will be different every time — it depends on luck and your impact ratinga score given to each player involved in the fight to determine how much of a contribution they made.

If chance is on your side, you can get ahold of a sealed item: each boss (aside from Cockatrako) has a unique sealed item drop which can be redeemed for a random valuable accessory.

You can also gain rewards from the Field Boss season pass, a battle pass-type system that has both free and paid tiers. Progressing along this will net you continually better rewards — check the current pass in the Field Boss menu to see what’s up for grabs.

Finally, you should definitely speak to Jackson in Evermoresince he can set you on a bounty mission for additional rewards. These are fantastic ways of getting the most out of your bossing since they only take a few seconds to accept and often guarantee you rare drops such as sealed items.


When you unlock Field Bosses at level 18, the Cockatrako will be the only one available for quite some time. It is a relatively straightforward fight that should be over in a matter of seconds, especially since many people tackling it will be far above the level 18 threshold. Just make sure you get a few hits in so that your contribution to the fight is noted when prizes are allocated at the end.

It’s recommended that you have a total CP of at least 45,900 before you take on the Cockatrako. It’s weak to Fire attacksso make sure equip your best Fire weapons and Familiars before arriving at its den in the Southern Heartlands.

The Cockatrako is the only boss in the game without its own exclusive sealed item. Instead, defeating it can earn you the 3-star Mighty Necklace.


the next field boss Silverbeardisn’t unlocked until a while after Cockatrako, requiring a hefty level 65 to face. You’ll also want to make sure you meet the minimum CP recommendation of 526,000 if you want to avoid certain doom. As with Cockatrako, bring your fire element gear to take advantage of Silverbeard’s weakness — and when you’re ready, face him down in the Serena Forest.

This is the earliest boss in the game to have a unique drop: the Sealed Silverbeard Necklace. Opening this will give you a Silverbeard Necklace 90% of the time, a Silent Avenger 9% of the time, and the rare Invincible Beast just 1% of the time. Fortunately, you can get the Invincible Beast as a separate drop from the boss.

It isn’t just Silverbeard that has the 1% item from its sealed item available as a separate drop: this trend will continue for every subsequent Field Boss.


volcano is the third Field Boss you can unlock, given that you’ve reached level 79 and have amassed a total of 753,000 cps across your kit. As you’d expect from a resident of the Cloudcoil CanyonVulcan is weak to water element weapons and familiars.

Its sealed item, the Sealed Vulcan Earringswill convert into the Vulcan Earrings 90% of the time, the Executioner’s sign 9% of the time, and the Demon’s Cube only 1% of the time.


Have you ever wanted to track down a Yeti? Well, Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds can very nearly give you that experience, since you could stumble across the giant while traversing the Glittering Grotto. Moreover, if you’re level 98 or above, you and a party of adventurers can take it down. Don’t forget that the Giganti is weak to earth element attacks and that it’s recommended you have at least 1,037,400 cps before fighting it.

When you do take down the Giganti, you’ll want to look out for a Sealed Giant Ringwhich, when opened, gives you a giant ring 90% of the time, on Absolute zero 9% of the time, and the Abyss Crystal 1% of the time.


the Stellia is a gigantic black-and-purple wolf-creature located in the heart of the Witch’s Woods. If you’re feeling up to the challenge of taking on this fearsome beast, make sure you’ve reached level 112 — and it’s always a good idea to be above the recommended CP threshold of 1,119,600.

Bringing light element gear is the best way to guarantee victory here, since Stellia is weak to it. If you’re lucky enough to get a kill and receive a Sealed Stellia ringit’ll give you the Stella ring 90% of the time, a Creeping Dark 9% of the time, and the Night Eater only 1% of the time.


If you’ve bested the Stellia and are looking for one final challenge, then you’re in luck: the Mecharagon is the game’s final Field Boss, and it is, fittingly, located in the final area of ​​the game, Rainbow Valley.

It will be while before you can face off against it though, since doing so requires a whopping level 121 on your character — the minimum CP recommendation of 1,166,000 is testament to how much of a challenge this final boss is, although you can make it easier by taking advantage of Mecharagon’s weakness to the darkness element.

The rewards for defeating Mecharagon make the fight worth it though, since the Sealed Mecharagon Earrings give you a suite of good accessory options. They’ll provide you with the Mecharagon Earrings 90% of the time, the Radiant chasers 9% of the time, and the coveted Heaven’s Judgment only 1% of the time.

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