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How To Beat Delirious Bette In Dusk Diver 2

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chapters in Dusk Diver 2 tend to conclude in a climactic final encounter with a boss of some kind. You will bump into some “boss” monsters during the opening hours of the game, but your first real boss is your newly acquainted maid-ninja, Bette.

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Bette is a scythe-wielding, bat-summoning uber goth who, as her subtitle relays, is not quite in her right mind. She is fast, she has some devastating attacks, and she can quickly melt your party if you get caught in the wrong position. She isn’t unbeatable, however, so let’s dive into what makes her tick.

Delirious Bette’s Attacks

Bette doesn’t have many attacks, but she will use them in quick succession if she is feeling a bit spicy. Her attacks are quite nearlylong rangedand have a tendency to tracks you as you dodge, making Just Dodge’s rather difficult to pull off and exploit.


attack explanation counters
Scythe Throw Bette throws her scythe in a straight line. The scythe will stop at max range and spin in place before returning to Bette. This attack deals decent damage and has a deceptive range. Simply dodge out of the way when Bette uses this attack. She is completely vulnerable whilst her scythe is out, so circle behind here, and start attacking.
Music Notes Bette plants the butt of her scythe into the ground and rests on it. Music notes will start to manifest, dealing damage to any character nearby. This attack is simply frustrating to deal with if you are using a melee character like Yumo. The best way to get around it is to stay back and swap to Viada as she has guns.
bat throw Bette unleashes a swarm of bats directly in front of her doing rapid damage. Bette can cast this multiple times in quick succession to deal massive damage as multiple swarms attack you at once. This attack is Bette’s most annoying, and most damaging (potentially). Viada is excellent for getting around this as she can simply outrange the bats. If you are stuck with a melee character, then stay back as Bette can easily take off half your health if you aren’t careful.
Scythe Twirl Bette flashes red, then after a short delay spins in circles with her scythe and slowly follows the player like a tornado of death. This attack can deal massive damage if she catches you multiple times. This attack can, and should, be countered. There is a delay between this attack flashing, and the attack starting once the starts to wind up, hit counter and start your combo.
Scyth combo This is Bette’s only scythe combo, and it’s pretty dangerous. Bette will swing her scythe a total of six times, with each swing moving towards her target. The sixth swing will be signaled by a red flash. This combo can deal massive damage if you get caught by every swing. The trick is to just keep away from here until she flashes red, then move in for the counter. Any character can do this. Consider using Viada, however, as she can fire away whilst she is dodging, allowing her to deal damage other characters simply can’t.

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Which Characters To Use

You have access to three characters in this fight, Yumo, Leoand Viada. Viada might seem like a character you might want to avoid as you have had zero experience using her up until this point, however, she is one of the best characters as she can stay safe and still deal damage thanks to her playstyle.

alternatively, Leo is pretty excellent in this fight too. He is ideal thanks to his ability to blockletting you effectively counter Bette and then unleash a huge amount of damage with his buffed-up attacks.

That’s not to say Yumo is bad either. Yumo is fast, deals decent damage, and is pretty simple to use. The trade-off being she can’t always get in to deal her damage.


The strategy for this fight is pretty simple – you want to primarily use either Yumo or Viada as your main character. This will let you dish out decent damage, and they are both pretty nimble on their feet. Leo is more of your bruiser, so make sure you keep him in your pocket ready to swap to land those clutch counters.

Blocking with Leo can lead to some great damage, and Leo’s skills are very good at breaking through Bette’s armour. Rinse and repeat this hit, run, counter cycle until Bette starts to approach her Rage state. Active your Burst and start building towards a Burst Attack.

Once Bette is in her rage state, you will get a tutorial explaining Duo Burst and EX Burst Attacks. Use this newfound knowledge to devastate Bette’s remaining HP, and end the fight.

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