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How To Beat Daisy Danger’s Room In Hello Puppets: Midnight Show

When you first start playing Hello Puppets: Midnight Show, you’ll be able to see four handeemen in Owen’s office. After using the magic book to give the puppets their own consciousness, Mortimer will trap Owen in the office and ask him to solve multiple puzzles if he wants to save himself and his friends.

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In one of these puzzle rooms, you’ll be up against Daisy Danger, and she loves cooking. It’s your job to solve multiple puzzles and help her create the required dish if you want to escape with the pages of the magic book. The horror aspect of the game makes it much harder to concentrate on these puzzles.


An Introduction To Daisy Danger’s Kitchen Catastrophe

Hello Puppets Midnight Show Daisy Danger's Kitchen Map

While following the main story, you’ll have to start by solving the puzzles in Nick Nack’s realm. Once you do that successfully, you’ll be taken to Riley Ruckus’ realm before you can meet Daisy Danger in her beloved kitchen. This will be the only realm that doesn’t spawn players in a small room where you’d have to solve a puzzle.

Daisy Danger’s Kitchen Catastrophe spawns you directly in the main cafeteria where you’ll be able to see a map on the left side of the exit door and a green board with curtains on the right. The map will have multiple black markers that show the exact locations of the main puzzles in the realm.

This map has three wings with two possible locations for the main puzzles in the middle area as well. During a certain run, only two of these wings will be unlocked, and the third one will be blocked by wooden planks to avoid making the search area too big.

Some of these markers will light up with a certain color depending on the situation, and here’s what they all mean:

colour What It Means
editor This color shows all the essential puzzles that you have to solve at the start of the game. There are a total of 15 puzzles in Daisy Danger’s Kitchen Catastrophe, but you only have to do four to six of them depending on the difficulty.
Yellow If you’ve solved a certain puzzle and opened the glass panel but didn’t pick up the ingredient inside, the dot on the map will turn yellow. If you’ve finished all the puzzles and you’re missing a couple of ingredients, check for these dots on the map.
Green After solving the puzzle and taking the ingredient inside, the dot for that puzzle will turn green on the map.

A certain dot on the map can go from green to yellow if the ingredient is returned to the puzzle area by any means. This can happen if Vengeance triggers when you have cards on the green board in the cafeteria, or if you get caught with these puzzle pieces in your pocket.

Once you’ve placed all the ingredients on the green board in the cafeteria, the final puzzle for Daisy Danger’s Kitchen Catastrophe will unlock. When you solve this puzzle, you can head out the exit door.

Daisy Danger’s Kitchen Catastrophe Exclusive Puzzle Guide

Hello Puppets Midnight Show Daisy Danger Exclusive Cake Puzzle

There are three types of puzzles that you can get in Daisy Danger’s Kitchen Catastrophe:

Essential puzzles These puzzles are marked with red on the main map, and you have to finish them if you want to get the final puzzle.
Optional puzzles These puzzles are randomly scattered across the realm. No map can direct you to these puzzles, and they’ll give you collectibles and Gold Coins that can be used to get gifts from the slot machine in the main office.
hidden jigsaw puzzles You have to beat Daisy Danger’s Kitchen Catastrophe a total of four times throughout the game. Every time you get into the realm, there’ll be one hidden puzzle that will be significantly hard to solve. This puzzle will reward you with a cassette.

There are eight different essential puzzles you can get, but seven of them are shared across the three handeemen realms. Apart from the shared puzzles, there’s one exclusive puzzle that can only be found in Daisy Danger’s realm. This puzzle is called Light The Candles.

As the name suggests, there are nine candles on a cake forming a three-by-three table. While it sounds easy to simply light all the candles, there’s a catch. Every time you press a certain candle to turn it on or off, all the adjacent candles will also be pressed. This means that you will change three to five candles at the same time, depending on the button you press.

A certain button only affects the buttons horizontally and vertically adjacent to it, not the diagonally adjacent ones. While this puzzle doesn’t have a time limit, it can be significantly hard to solve.

You can look around for Minigame Hackers, which is an item that allows you to get the ingredient from a certain essential puzzle for free. Looking for this item might take less time than solving this puzzle, and you can also get it from Vending Machines at higher difficulties.

How To Solve The Final Puzzle In Daisy Danger’s Realm

Hello Puppets Midnight Show Daisy Danger Final Puzzle To Make LimePie

The final puzzle to unlock the exit gate in Daisy Danger’s realm is probably the hardest one out of all three realms. After placing all the ingredients on the board in the cafeteria, the curtains to this puzzle will be lifted, revealing the pie you have to bake. The board will have the required temperature, time, and hints for the ingredients.

The first step is to change the dial of the oven to the required temperature. Based on the given hints, you might have to place three to six correct ingredients on the board to open the exit door. Once you’ve baked the correct ingredients for the right amount of seconds, you’ll be able to escape.

The riddles for ingredients are the hardest part of this puzzle, and here are a few common ones that you can come across:

rear Required ingredient
Catch of the Day Fish
chicken poo Egg
Young Chicken Egg
Cow Juice Milk
Bone Strengthener Milk
Tooth Rotter Sugar
candy dust Sugar
Ghost makeup flour
White powder flour
popcorn sauce butter
Oblong Sun Lemon
Scurvy Saver lime
Georgia Fruit peach

Daisy Danger’s Special Performance

Hello Puppets Midnight Show Daisy Danger Special Performance To Bring Pot

Daisy Danger is the only handeemen that will start having special performances from the easy difficulty itself. When this performance begins, her icon in the bottom right will turn red and the location you need to reach is displayed on the top. Her performance works a little differently from the other handeemen.

Instead of simply going there, you also have to find a specific item that she requires. These items can be found in kitchen areas, and there’s one kitchen area in each wing. If you’re unable to find the item or reach the place on time, Vengeance will trigger.

On higher difficulties, puppets also start hiding from the main character, and your job is to find and tag them before the time runs out. Failing to do this also triggers Vengeance.

During Vengeance, Daisy Danger becomes much faster, and there’s almost no escaping her if she finds you. If you have ingredients placed on the board in the cafeteria, she will also steal one of them and place them back into the original place.

Tips To Beat Daisy Danger’s Kitchen Catastrophe

Hello Puppets Midnight Show Daisy Danger Bear Traps

Daisy Danger’s realm can be one of the hardest to get through because of the difficult puzzles. Although, there are a few tips and tricks that can make it much easier for you:

  • The main cafeteria is a great place for looping. Daisy Danger might disturb you a bunch of times when you’re trying to solve the final puzzle, but the long tables in the cafeteria make it easy to loop her until you can get into a locker. You have to stay a little far away from the edges since she can get you through them.
  • Daisy Danger will start placing bear traps and floating cake traps on higher difficulties. Both the traps immobilize you for a second and make Daisy aware of your location if she’s nearby. The floating cake trap can also make you drop a Bronze Coin sometimes.
  • The required amount of seconds for baking in the final puzzle can be a little confusing. You can consider two ticks being equal to one second. For example, if you have to stop it at four seconds, you can count to eight ticks before stopping it.

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