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House Flipper: Garden Flipper DLC Tips

The Garden Flipper DLC adds a whole new aspect of gameplay to the base House Flipper game. While before you were limited to only renovating and decorating the interior of the properties you buy to flip, the Garden Flipper DLC allows you to expand your design sense to the yards outside the houses.

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Whether you want to put a food forest on a property or turn it into a hedge maze, you can do a lot of things with this DLC. You can also enter the yards you design into garden contests, which will give a bonus to your selling price depending on how well you place.


7 Use indoor pools outdoors

If you have the Luxury Flipper DLC, there’ll be a variety of pools added to the game that you can place in the interiors of buildings. But did you know that you can also place these pools outside, even though they’re named indoor pools?

These pools are generally larger than the pools added with the Garden Flipper DLC, so they’re great for larger yards that you’re not sure how to fill. They also match well with the surface slabs provided in the DLC, so, with a bit of work, you can create a really nice swimming area.

6 Don’t Bother Turning The Lawnmower

The lawnmower is one of the tools added for landscaping in the Garden Flipper DLC, and while it can cut the overgrown lawns down to a neat trim, it can also cut down any weeds in its path, which makes it useful for quickly clearing out yards .

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The tricky part is in the way it controls. It’s quite finicky when turning, so it’s much easier to just place the lawnmower down in one corner of the yard, mow in a straight line, switch tools, then take out the lawnmower again and mow a new line.

5 Always Enter The Garden Contest

Even if you haven’t touched the yard of your property at all, and have no intentions of doing so, always enter the garden contest regardless. The entry price is negligible and most default yards will place high enough in the American Garden competitions to earn around a 5 to 10 percent boost in the sale price of the property. But if you enjoy interior decorating games, you’ll probably enjoy decorating the yards too, so you may as well try it out.

There’s also no penalty for entering the garden contest multiple times; you just have to wait at least 10 minutes in between entries and pay another entry fee (which is still a negligible cost). That way, if you realize a few small changes will increase your ranking, you can implement those changes and reenter.

4 Use plants instead of fences

If you want to section off parts of your yard, try using plants for this instead of fences. The plant category in the garden contests is generally the hardest to get full points in, so using a few extra plants to do so can help net you those extra points needed for a perfect score. With a large enough yard, you could even try creating a hedge maze, in case you want a labyrinth to sneak around through, or you want to up the existing creep factor of the game.

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Leafy plants such as conifers can work really well for this, as they boost the plant score in both the American Garden and Modern Garden contests. But if you want to switch things up, you could also use fruit trees of different varieties, especially if you’re doing a Crop Garden entry.

3 Plan Your Garden Type In Advance

Choosing a singular garden type in advance can help ensure you get a good score when entering a garden contest. There are five to choose from: American, Crop, English, Modern, and Japanese, and instead of trying to add elements from all into the yard you decorate, choose one and stick with it.

While you don’t have to plan out every single element at once, having a rough idea of ​​your layout in mind before you begin your work can make the yard design a bit easier. The English Garden contest values ​​asymmetric, organic-feeling layouts, whereas Modern Gardens do best with very geometric and organized layouts.

2 Line Paths With Lights

If you have lots of solar lights in your yard, the judges of the competition will take note of that, and it’ll also allow you to see better if you’re decorating at night. One of the best ways to lay out your lights is to line your paths with them.

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This is because you can use lines in the paving slabs to act as markers for your light placements, ensuring that you maintain symmetry and even spacing between the lights. It also looks quite nice when taking screenshots at night.

1 Don’t Be Afraid To Spread Things Out

The yards are generally pretty sizable on the various properties, so while it can be tempting to just group things together in one part of the yard, in practice it can leave a lot of empty areas, which will kill your score in the layout category of competitions.

Instead, try to spread things out, and consider the yard size when choosing which theme you’re going to go with. Crop Gardens can be easily spread out to fit a larger yard, and Japanese Gardens work well in smaller spaces.

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