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Horizon Forbidden West – Challenges and Side Activities

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03 February 2022, 18:27

A video showing examples of side activities in Horizon Forbidden West has appeared in the web. How similar are they to those known from the Assassin’s Creed series? See for yourself. Several challenges well known to the fans of the first game make a return.


  1. Appeared another video from Horizon Forbidden West appeared in the west, this time presenting the challenges waiting for us in the game;
  2. Many side activities from the first game – including cauldrons and hunting grounds – will return in the sequel.

Horizon Forbidden West will launch in just two weeks left. To make the wait a little more enjoyable, the game’s official PlayStation channel on YouTube has posted another game play video from the game, this time presenting what challenges and side activities are waiting for us in the continuation of Aloy’s adventures. It also gives a glimpse at the outfits and weapons available to our heroine.

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What will the game offer?

  1. In the settlements we will face off against other warriors in special arenas.
  2. Hunting grounds, known from the first game will return and enable us to hunt for machines located in the area.
  3. Additionally, special salvage contracts will encourage us to hunt for rare machine parts.
  4. During the journey we’ll come across numerous outposts and camps swarming with Regalla’s (main antagonist) rebels.
  5. A lot of ruins and so-called cauldrons will be waiting for the players – also returning from Zero Dawn – hiding various secrets and dangerous bosses.
  6. The land will be traversed by racing horsemen. It looks like we’ll be able to join them in the chase to show them who’s boss. The “not quite” clean plays will help us do that.
  7. Arenas reminiscent of the Roman Coliseum will be dominated by huge machines which only the best warriors will fight, much to the delight of the crowd. In the recently revealed gameplay we saw Aloy fighting Slitherfang in just such a place.

Forbidden West launch

  1. Horizon Forbidden West will land on the store shelves on February 18.
  2. The game will be a PlayStation exclusive.
  3. The review embargo will be lifted on February 14.
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