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Highlights From rAge 2022 To Get You Excited > NAG

With just under three weeks to go until rAge Expo (and NAG LAN) 2022 happens at Gallagher Convention Center in Midrand, we thought we’d take some time to put together a nice little list of highlights you can look forward to over the 9th to the 11th of December.

South Africa’s biggest gaming convention of the year will be jam-packed with over 100 exhibitors both big and small, local game development studios, a gaming fashion show, hardware brands showcasing the latest in everything, Minecraft tournaments, special offers from everyone, airsoft , esports, retail for all your festive needs, and plenty more. So strap in and get ready to #escapetoplanetrAge 🎮!


Everything Happening At rAge 2022

The winner will be randomly drawn on the 13th of December and contacted via the email they used to purchase the tickets.


Everything Happening At rAge 2022

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During rAge Predator Gaming and ACGL will give away a gaming setup worth R130,000. If you’re at rAge on the 10th of December, make sure you head to the Predator stand for the open qualifiers.

Here you will compete in multiple short-form gaming competitions to see if you qualify for the finals happening on the 11th, where the ultimate gamer challenge will take place. Follow the link for more info.


Everything Happening At rAge 2022

To celebrate the inclusion of Masandawana in FIFA23, Mettlestate and the Mamelodi Sundowns FC are bringing the Mamelodi Sundowns FIFA23 Championships to rAge. Oh, and there is a sweet R200k prize pool as well.

If you think you have what it takes to be the ultimate champion, you can click the link here to sign up for the final three qualifiers happening online on the 26th of November, at Gateway Mall on the 3rd of December and at Mall of Africa on the same day. The top eight players will then battle it out at rAge.

Everything Happening At rAge 2022

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Do you have secret Street Fighter 5 or Tekken 7 skills you’re ready to share with the world during a fight for glory? rAge Drive is asking players to test their mettle against some of the best local players to stand a chance to qualify for the Red Bull Hit The Streets National Final, which is taking place in Cape Town on the 17th of December.

To qualify, players must participate in either the Street Fighter 5 tournament happening on the 9th of December or the Tekken 7 tournament on the 10th. Winners of both tournaments will then qualify. Those eager to participate can click here to register.

Age X:

One of the more unexpected highlights from the event is definitely #rAgeX. Suppose you’ve wondered how the metaverse can supplement physical experiences and help people connect more profoundly and meaningfully. In that case, rAge X is for you. Happening only on the 9th of December from 9 am until 6 pm at rAge. Attendees can listen to 35 speakers talk about what the next era of computing entails, how it could transform businesses, and how it can create new value as it unfolds.

From the Metaverse to Robotics, Crypto and Gamification, there is sure to be a panel for everyone interested in the future of computing. If you’re looking for more info, you can click here.


Everything Happening At rAge 2022

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A highlight of rAge years past has always been Cosplay, and 2022 will be no different. However, rAge wants to ensure Cosplay is for everyone regardless of skill level. Whether you’re just putting together a costume with stuff found in your cupboard or hand-making your own armor, everyone is invited.

Those interested in joining the Cosplay festivities planned at rAge can follow the link here.

NAG Streamer Zone:

Everything Happening At rAge 2022