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Here’s how to set up Microsoft parental controls on Xbox and PC

Microsoft offers a wide range of parental controls for its products and these are linked to individual Microsoft accounts. This means that they can be applied to any Xbox console or PC that uses the account. This includes Windows 10 and Windows 11 PCs, as well as Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. For you as a parent, this means complete control over all of your family’s accounts.

All accounts can use the Microsoft website but you may find it easier to monitor and manage everything with the Xbox family app which is available on Google play and the Appstore. In this guide, we’ll take a look at how you can set up parental controls and where to use them.


Set up and link your Microsoft family accounts

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First you need a Microsoft account. If you a. use Windows PC then you probably already have one. If not, you can use our Step by step instructions. Every family member needs an account and Child accounts should be set up with their correct dates, including an exact date of birth. This means that the appropriate settings will be applied by default.

You can overwrite these settings later So if you want, you don’t have to worry about things getting locked up more than you’d like. If your child is happy with higher-rated content, you can allow them access to it without having to change your data. Likewise, it is possible if you have a child who needs more restrictions than expected.

Microsoft family website vs. app

Once the accounts are created, you have two options. You can use the website or use the app. the the options are the same and both are represented very similarly. In the picture above you can see the website on the left that is pointing a box for each family member and on the right the app also has a box for everyone in the group.

To add people to your group, you can use the big one Add a family member box on the website. There is a in the app green icon with a person and a + symbol in the upper right corner. When you click on it, you can add them as an organizer – someone who can change the settings – or as a child. It means that two adults can monitor the settings from their own individual accounts.

Once everyone has a Microsoft account and everyone is connected, it’s time to start customizing the settings.

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Here’s how to set up parental controls for Microsoft accounts

Microsoft settings for parental controls

As long as one Xbox console has been signed in with the corresponding Microsoft account it will be linked via the family network, whether you use the website or the app, to manage your settings. Both options have the same settings and are easy to navigate. However, if you want to hire, PC restrictions these will must be managed through the website.

Here’s what you can change in Parental Control Settings and how to do it.

How to set up screen time restrictions for Xbox and PC

The process is similar for both the app and the website, but there are some differences, especially when it comes to how it is used. Here’s what you need to know.

Set screen time limits in the Xbox Family app

Microsoft Family App Time Limits

To set up screen time restrictions, just follow these simple steps:

  • Click on your child’s profile
  • Select the gear in the upper right corner
  • Scroll down to Screen Time
  • Click this section to enter the settings menu

You are now in the menu wherever you can Click the menu icons on the right to adjust the current settings. Everything here is touchscreen and you just can Click the options to add limits. for every day or day of the week. You can’t break anything here, so just click through and set the limits with the timers provided.

the time limit Section allows the specification of a maximum number of hours per day while Period of time specifies the Hours these can be used between.

These settings are applied to Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or Series S only To change the PC settings, use the Website.

Set screen time limits on the Microsoft websiteMicrosoft Screen Time Limitations on the Site

The website is a little more complex in some places as it controls more devices. If you only have one Xbox console, we recommend using the app.

To access Screen Time Settings, do the following:

  • Click on your child’s profile
  • Select Screen Time from the menu on the left

You will now see a menu that says shows screen time activity above. If you scroll down you can Select all connected devices to manage screen time. There is also the option of using the same schedule for all devices.

To connect devices, just click on “How to connect a device” for easy, step-by-step instructions on how to connect to a PC, Xbox console, and Android or Apple phone. Mobile devices support limited options.

Once the devices are simply connected Click the one you want to unlock the drop-down menu on You can set both a time limit and a time range.

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How to set up social restrictions on Xbox Live

Gamers will have fun learning how to set up Xbox Live Gold

The app offers the following social restrictions for Xbox consoles:

  • Friends can only be added with consent
  • Xbox Live communications set to Everyone, Friends Only, or Nobody.
  • Content filter for text and media in received messages and message requests as well as all web links

In the app Use the gear to access the settings. You will see Social at the top of the list and the current settings will be displayed. To change them, just click on Social Section and you will be redirected to a user-friendly selection menu.

How to set up content restrictions for Xbox and PC

Content restrictions vary by institution. The app will again control the console and the website is required to change the PC settings.

Content restrictions for the Xbox Family app

Content restrictions for family apps

The next section in the app is Content restrictions. If you click on this section you can Limit content by age. While it is recommended to use your child’s age, you can change it to suit your needs.

Because apps are being accessed that are outside of the limits a parent is asked to give permission to use the app once or all of the time. Everything with permanent access is applied listed in this section and you can revoke this Permission by clicking the Trash can icon next to the game or app name.

This section also contains special settings for Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons, so you can easily change these settings if you need to.

Content filters for web browsers


The website offers a extensive filter options for PCs and the Microsoft Edge browser. These settings are applied to all connected devices, so if you want Restrict web browser content You need to use the Content Filters section on your child’s profile.

You will be under the Web and search settings by default where you can change the web filters. The main setting is activated SafeSearch with Bing and block all browsers except Edge on the selected devices. You can then allow or block specific websites. For full control, you can only allow the websites you choose.

Selection of Apps and Games tab shows you a drop-down box to select the Age restrictions, just like the app. There are also some click-through options if you need to add or remove specific apps from this list.

How to set up spending restrictions

Spending restrictions are again available in the app and on the website.

Spending restrictions on the app

Expenditures for MS apps

Click the Share section to Check out your child’s account and restrictions. If you have money in your Microsoft account, it will be displayed here and will be available to you at any time.

Below that is the prompt to buy setting. If you enable this, all purchases must be authorized by a parentunless they are made from the account balance.

You can also use the Output story In this section.

Spending restrictions on the website

Expense settings on the MS website

Similar to the app is the Spending area allows you to do specify the required permission for all purchases over a certain age setting. You can also choose to be informed of every purchase made and can track purchases here.

Xbox-specific settings

Family settings

The app also includes the following Xbox specific the settings:

  • Select whether your child should allow the use XBox Live to participate in multiplayer games
  • Restrict or allow cross-network gaming and communication
  • Decide whether your child can join or follow the creation Clubs in the Xbox community

All of these settings can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate section and the changes are easy to make.

Activity reports

In this section you can choose if you want to Monitor screen usage and spend history. With this screen enabled, time and expenses are easily visible once you click on your child’s profile, along with a summary of their expenses and the names of any friends they’ve recently added.

You can always access help on the website, which has links to specific help articles for any settings that you are not sure about. You can also click on the little icons to learn more about specific settings in both places.

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