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Here are all of the capabilities of Neon, VALORANT’s new electric agent

Riot Games officially revealed the latest VALORANT Agent on January 5th with a trailer showcasing Manila-born Agent Neon and her fast-paced, electric skill kit.

Though not yet officially confirmed, Neon seems to be taking on the duelist role, just by looking at her skills – and she should “sprint onto the stage” at the beginning of Episode Four: Disruption.

Here’s a look at all of the skills Neon can use. These skills will be updated with official names and keyboard shortcuts as this information becomes available.

Sprint and slide

Neon has the ability to stow their weapons and move quickly across the map in one total sprint. In addition, she can surprise enemies around corners with the ability to slide on her knees. She can slide right after a sprint with her gun drawn, catching enemies at high speed that keep headshot angles off guard.

Shocking charge

Neon also has the ability to fire a harrowing charge that can ricochet off up to two walls before falling to the ground. The charge then pulsates on the ground, like a KAY / O grenade or an Astra concussion charge, and stuns enemies in its area.

Double firewall

Neon can summon two phoenix-like walls of fire and create a corridor surrounded by blue flames for her to sprint and slide through.

Ultimate – lightning finger pistols

Neon’s ultimate ability allows her to harness her electrical energy and bundle it into a bolt of lightning that erupts from her fingertips. She can apparently sprint and slide while using it, and it looks like it might melt through shields and health. Also, enemies seem to twitch when hit by it, which would hinder their ability to aim at them.

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