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Headset, mouse, keyboard and more

Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov is the 16-year-old AWPing prodigy aiming to make a lasting mark on G2. His playstyle is reminiscent of s1mple, and G2 fans are excited to see how he will continue to expand the team’s legacy. His skills may be nearly impossible to obtain, but his streaming gear isn’t. Here’s m0NESY’s streaming hardware, starting with his headset.


Image via Logitech
Image via Logitech

7.1 surround sound and professional microphone with Blue Voice technology makes the Logitech G Pro X an attractive option for those looking for a quality, competitive gaming compatible headset.

for CS:GO Players, both professionals and amateurs, care as much about how to communicate with the team as they do to listen to the game calls. Enemy positions, assets and strategies are all transmitted via audio, so having a suitable microphone and headset with reliably accurate audio is of paramount importance.


MONESY mouse
Image via Logitech

A common thread that you will see among many CS:GO Pros and their mice is easy. A few side mouse buttons are enough in a game like CS:GO since your main focus is on optimizing your goal. An MMO mouse with lots of side buttons would be too distracting. If a few extra buttons are needed for utility bindings, a pair of side buttons will suffice.

At just under $200 that Pro X super light is a fairly expensive option in relation to non-MMO mice. But the G Pro X Superlight comes with a durable wireless design, five reprogrammable buttons, and is 25 percent lighter than the older Pro Wireless variant. Logitech’s lightweight champion is perfect for aiming quickly and consistently.


M0NESY keyboard
Image via Logitech

One element that comes naturally in any gaming or streaming setup is a mechanical keyboard. The Logitech G Pro keyboard features a backlit RGB design, a tenkeyless design, and GX Blue clicky switches with a 1.9 millimeter actuation point.

If your goal is to minimize distractions and find a pairing for the XL2546 monitor, the tenkeyless form factor ensures the only keys you have in the way are those essential for a competition CS:GO Experience. In addition, the RGB lighting and GX Blue Clicky switches ensure the colorful look and famous clicky sound that is standard in many modern gaming keyboards.

The Logitech G Pro keyboard typically starts at under $130.



M0NESY monitor
Image via BenQ

for CS:GO—and competitive FPS titles in general – a monitor that outputs a refresh rate of less than 120Hz is considered suboptimal. That makes them ZOWIE XL2546 an ideal mid-range monitor for CS:GO but for a pretty steep price. M0NESY’s XL2546 delivers a whopping 240Hz refresh rate, features a removable shield to block out distractions, and has convenient height, tilt, and pan adjustments. This display measures 24.5 inches.

As Pro X super light, the XL2546 is an expensive option, starting at just under $600. Other monitors of the same size and refresh rate are only $400 or less.


steel series QCK heavy

MONESY mouse pad
Image via XRTFY

If you notice your mouse pad in any way while playing, it means it is not doing its job. A mouse pad should fly under the radar and offer such a smooth experience that the player forgets it’s even there.

the QcK Hard features a micro-woven cloth, a non-slip rubber base and is machine washable. Its large size measures 450mm x 400mm (17.72″ x 15.75″) and offers multiple style options if you want to customize your look a bit. If you want a mouse pad that you won’t have to think about for years to come, this is it.


HyperX QuadCast

Image via HyperX

Advertised as a gaming and streaming microphone with built-in pop filter, four polar patterns, RGB lighting and compatibility with PC, Mac and PlayStation, this condenser microphone is an attractive option for those who want to stream across various consoles and PCs with reliable quality.

With a bit rate of 48 kHz, the quality you can expect is comparable to others popular USB microphones but comes at a much steeper price point at just under $200. At this cost, the difference in money spent should be viewed as an investment in making a stream with RGB lighting look clean and unique. There’s really no other benefit of this mic compared to something like a Blue Yeti multi-pattern mic.


Logitech Brio

M0NESY webcam
Image via Logitech

When it comes to webcams, personal preference determines the value. Webcams play with color and light in different ways, so even if the specs are impressive, it’s always best to check a few shots or images of a particular webcam before making a purchase.

Speaking of specs, the Logitech Brio has a 4K image sensor, HDR, autofocus and USB functionality to capture high quality footage fairly conveniently for under $200. Its RightLight 3 technology automatically adjusts exposure and contrast, so streams of any light quality can achieve optimal results without too much manual adjustment.


Intel Core i9-12900k

Image via Intel

Intel’s i9-12900k is a 16-core CPU with a maximum clock speed of 5.2 GHz that was released in Q4 2021. Given the performance that this processor is capable of, there’s no real reason to assume that M0NESY would have any trouble streaming CS:GO on high settings, at least not with the right GPU to pair with.

The i9-12900k is powerful enough that a strong AIO to cool it down is a necessity, especially if you plan to overclock it. Speaking of…

CPU cooler

NZXT Kraken X73

M0NESY cooling
Image via octopuses

This 360mm AIO is one of the best cooling solutions a CPU could ask for. With three 120mm fans working in tandem with NZXT’s water cooling system, overclocking a high-end CPU is no problem for the Kraken X73.

This AIO is compatible with the latest Intel CPU sockets as well as AMD’s AM4 socket. It has a maximum airflow of 73.11 cubic feet per minute (CFM) with a noise level of 38 dBA. Whether you’re running one of AMD’s latest Ryzen CPUs, or a 12900k like M0NESY, the Kraken will get the job done flawlessly and do so for years to come with strong airflow and reasonable smoothness. As a bonus, the cap has an RGB color for those users who want to add some flair to the building’s aesthetic.

There’s just one note about the X73: like many existing AIO coolers, you’ll need an LGA1700 bracket to mount it properly. NZXT says the latest editions of the X73 should come with a compatible adapter, but if your model doesn’t, The company has a page explaining how you can get a free mount.

graphic card

MSI GeForce RTX 3080 Ti SUPRIM X 12G

Image via MSI

As the name suggests, the RTX 3080 Ti SUPRIM X is a beast with 12GB of GDDR6X RAM running at 1830MHz. As with all of today’s high-end GPUs, it’s hugely overpriced – but if you want the absolute best with support for real-time ray tracing and DLSS, there’s little choice.


Patriot Viper Elite II DDR4 4000MHz 32GB

Image via Patriot

While it’s for overkill CS:GO, M0NESY’s PC runs with 32GB 4000MHz Patriot Viper Elite RAM clocked at 4000MHz. The higher-rated memory pairs well with the latest generation of Intel CPUs – previous Intel CPUs saw little benefit in games like this CS:GO with higher rated RAM. However, the extra headroom can help turn those great gaming moments into content with apps like Photoshop and Premiere Pro.

However, for those building a cheaper build, a slower 16GB RAM kit will suffice. Games often benefit better from more investment in the CPU or GPU.


1TB M.2 Samsung 980PRO & 500GB 970 EvoPlus NVMe M.2 SSD

M0NESY PC storage
Image via Samsung

These tips are pretty self-explanatory, but 1.5TB is more than enough if you only play a few games at a time. M0NESY decides that both storage devices are compatible with the M.2 form factor, which is becoming increasingly popular among gamers thanks to its easy installation and clean aesthetics. The NVMe performance is also well suited for the next few years of PC gaming, especially with tech like DirectStorage on the horizon.



M0NESY motherboard
Image via MSI

MSI’s MPG Z690 EDGE is an ATX form factor motherboard designed to support Intel’s new Alder Lake CPUs, including the i9-12900K. It has built-in WiFi, enough SATA and NVMe slots for all your storage needs, and plenty of USB ports on the back for all your peripherals.

power supply

CHEFTRONIC PowerPlay 1050W

Image via Chieftec

While there isn’t too much to say about any power supply, CHIEFTRONIC owners will benefit from a platinum-certified power supply capable of delivering up to 1050 watts. That power draw is more than enough to support high-end builds running the latest GPUs, including the ever-hungry RTX 3090 Ti. It doesn’t hurt that this PSU also sports a fancy red design on its fan exhaust, huh can help assemble a red-based PC.

Most users may want to opt for a lighter power adapter to save money, or for a more efficient, better valued offering. The EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G5 is a great alternative if you expect to push your PC to its limits as it is more energy efficient at heavier loads. But what if 1000 watts is too much for your rig? The always reliable Corsair RMX 750X, which has a low-noise option and a fully modular design, is worth a look and comes with a 10-year warranty.


NZXT H710i

Image via NZXT

the NZXT H710i is a mid-tower case that supports up to ATX motherboards and smaller, with enough space for the latest graphics cards and water cooling solutions, e.g. a 360mm AIO. It has seven standard expansion slots, as well as two vertical slots for complicated builds that use vertical GPU layouts, which can be particularly useful on high-end graphics cards that tend to suffer from GPU sag.

It’s not the best option if you’re looking to pair the system with a full-size RTX 3090 Ti, but if you’re going for a more mid-range GPU – which is likely, given that there are more currently available – then it’s a perfect choice.

Available in either matte white or sleek black as standard, the H710i represents a solid mid-range option for PC builders looking to build a rugged PC that looks clean and has room for future upgrades.

CS:GO is a game that demands decent, reliable hardware from its players to compete with the best. However, while the streaming equipment m0NESY uses is of high quality, it is expensive in price. That bounty is certainly due to the names endorsing the staple brands featured on this list.

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