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Halo Infinite players are reporting a surge in hackers and asking to opt out of cross-play

Halo Infinite players report that hackers have infiltrated the game, which has resulted in some requesting an option to disable crossplay.

When a game starts on the PC, it really is only a matter of time before hackers and cheaters show up. Games like Battlefield and Fortnite had their own problems with scammers and had to take anti-cheating measures to get rid of them. It’s not clear if Halo Infinite has anti-cheat in beta, but it looks like it isn’t as more and more players are reporting hackers in their games.

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As reported by Eurogamer, Clips of hackers in action with aimbots have started appearing on the Halo subreddit, with players showcasing aimots and wallhacks in action in multiplayer games. Players are especially frustrated with the Halo Infinite currently lacking a report button, which means that players who cheat can get away with it pretty well.

Because of this surge in fraud, some players demand that 343 Industries allows gamers to disable Xbox-PC crossplay. Although hackers can be found on consoles, it is generally much more difficult to find than it is on PC. Hence, those who play on Xbox try to minimize the chances of encountering hackers by completely disabling the feature.


In its current state, Halo Infinite does not have an option to disable crossplay, or at least it is not yet functional. Ranked mode gives you a choice to face keyboard or controller players, but it’s still not the same as giving players the option to avoid another console. This is common practice for games that have this feature, as some gamers consider the keyboard and mouse to be an unfair advantage.

It’s not clear how much of this is representative of what Halo Infinite will look like in its final release since it’s currently still in beta, but it’s worrying to have hackers in the game already with no anti-cheat or report -Button to see it in action. However, it is possible that these features will be part of the game’s final release.

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