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Guitar Hero Pro Schmooey Confesses To Cheating, Deletes Videos

There was once a time when beating your closest friends at a particular game made you feel you might be better at said game than anyone else in the world. Streaming and social media have since shattered that illusion as footage of the actual best players of pretty much every game can be found online. You might have thought you were the only one who could play Through The Fire And Flames on Guitar Hero, but actually, quite a few people can do it.

One person could actually claim to be the best Guitar Hero player in the world. Streamer Schmooey was regarded as such by many in the music game series’ community, besting songs throughout the game’s run with ease and playing them on difficulties even the best players in the world would struggle with. However, Schmooey has recently been rumbled as one of his more recent videos outed him as a Guitar Hero cheater.


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While there had been suspicions that Schmooey had cheated in the past, concrete evidence didn’t surface until the streamer posted a video showing him playing the incredibly difficult song to master, 9 Patterns Of Eternal Pain. Experts observed that at some points, the notes Schmooey was hitting on the guitar didn’t line up with the ones being played on screen. A Windows Media Player overlay also appears, leading some to assume parts of the video had been pre-recorded.

Schmooey’s Guitar Hero empire came tumbling down for good when the video above, put together by Karl Jobst, confirmed the streamer to be a cheater, and not just in the one song. Schmooey admitted that he had cheated in some of his videos, but now the Guitar Hero community knew what to look for, that wasn’t enough. Upon closer inspection, players realized Schmooey had been using underhanded methods to fool viewers into thinking he’s a better Guitar Hero player in almost every single video.

Well and truly rumbled, Schmooey issued an apology video before disappearing from the Guitar Hero community entirely, closing all their social media accounts. They have also paid back the bounties won over the years which amounted to thousands of dollars. Other players would issue challenges for them to complete in-game, paying up once they were done and the evidence had been posted online. The trouble is, it seems even in those videos, Schmooey had been cheating.

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