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GTA Trilogy Patch fixes the groundbreaking rain

You no longer have to look through a downpour just to complete a mission.

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The ridiculously long title of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition might have been awarded if the remaster collection had been good. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case with Rockstar. The trilogy had a number of issues when it launched and the studio responsible for it is currently busy fixing them. So far, more than 100 fixes have been rolled out via patches, but there is still a long way to go.

Rockstar seems to be tackling the issues that made the most of the headlines, which only makes sense. One revelation that became clear within days of The Trilogy’s release was that the game would become almost unplayable in heavy rain. Some missions trigger this weather, and trying to complete them during a downpour is next to impossible. Fortunately, this week’s patch, the biggest yet since The Trilogy launched, seems to have fixed that issue.

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A screenshot by gloriousgoy on Reddit, which you can check out below, shows that the rain no longer obscures your view when it falls. The response to the screenshot has been predictably positive, save for a comment from a gamer who claimed to miss the heavy rain. There is always one. The patch also fixed a bug that caused rain to fall into buildings during the cutscenes.


The trilogy’s weather was a huge issue for the first few weeks, and much of Rockstar’s focus on fixes revolved around fixing it. Not just the rain, but also the fog or the lack of it. The original San Andreas had a fog effect that made the map appear a lot larger than it actually is, which is still quite large. Removing this effect in the remastered version makes San Andreas look like a model village from the sky or the highlights on the map, so not ideal.

The same patch that fixed the rain this week also fixed the fog. While the old effect was not restored, San Andreas can now be covered with a layer of cloud from above. You’ll need to enable the fog effect called Ground Haze in the game menu to make the change.

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NetEase called it a bug, but others called it a feature.

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