Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Global Esports x TEC Drama Explained

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That was indeed quite a spicy weekend, won’t lie at all. Cloud9 CS:GO picking up ex-Gambit, Astralis facing almost elimination and Bad News Eagles marching on to their first ever Counter Strike major.

Well, we can’t draw curtains over just that, right? There is always something which scratches the part, something not self-explanatory but open to either interpretations, arguments or worthy enough to be ignored.

While we were closing for the day, a tweet from Ishaan “captainarya” Arya, co-founder of TheEsportsClub did spark a controversy between the management of Global Esports and itself TEC over GE withdrawing from a month-long tournament/event hosted by the said Tournament organisers.

Main context : Global Esports decided to withdraw from one of TEC’s tournaments following their 0-3 loss at the hands of Enigma.

A contradictory statement was further posted by Dr Rushindra Sinha, CEO of Global Esports where he called out Arya to be highly unprofessional while tweeting out such statements which may have been against the players of Global Esports who may have withdrawn in a bid to reboot their mental structures. This was backed by Bhavin “HellRangeR” Kotwani, IGL of GE who further stated that the team is reorganizing under a new coach and that’s one among the reasons for his team to set up shop.

Arya then posted a lackluster apology which said he never meant to hurt the sentiments of any individual at Global Esports or the organization itself as it was just a bad joke to be forgotten about.

That’s not how fairy tales end right? Vaguely constructed apologies are barely a way out when there’s Carnage already let out to be.

Then erupted a thread from Mr Rushindra on his Twitter handle which indeed jelled up all the pieces together to what exactly did happen between him and TheEsportsClub so as to expunge any misconceptions if there were created or determined.

Mr Rushindra’s tweet thread sheds light upon what exactly happened and how strings are usually meant to be pulled if there lies a point of threshold, past which, everything gets intolerant.

According to Mr Rushindra, Arya’s trigger point was none other than Global Esport’s decision to pull out of the month long TEC event which was done to allow players, sort their personal and professional lifestyles before they embark on what lies ahead of them.

Player breaks do help gamers and other staff to eliminate burn-outs and gear up for their next battles especially when you hop back and forth on an event train.

This was not the only time Arya did this, having players and organizations on his crosshairs but he has done the same, a plethora of other instances.

With that being already said, a lackluster apology won’t help any individual escape this wildfire as Arya was yet called again for his ‘meh’ kind of apology.

Towards the end of the thread, Mr Rushindra did announce that, TEC will be tied to the duties of Ishaan Arya, Global Esports will no longer be a part of TEC powered event, by it if TEC would ever represent the estemeed Valorant Champions Tour circuit as one of their future projects.

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