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Ghostwire Tokyo: Hardest Trophies To Unlock

Exploring Tokyo in Ghostwire Tokyo can feel thrilling. Traveling is often done by zipping into the air using a grapple tool before gliding. It’s exhilarating, and the perfect way to see the sights. You’ll nearly always be interrupted by enemies, though, and not just from the winged beasts. Much of Ghostwire Tokyo goes that way; it’s a game of exploringbattling and following the threads of an engaging story.

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There’s a fair amount of challenge here, as well as a heap of content. As with any great open world game, you’ll find side quests, collectibles, landmarks to visit and much more. These all feed into some great trophies, and also some pretty tricky ones. Most can be unlocked from playing normally, but you’ll have to go out of your way for the toughest trophies.


8/8 Master Of Blocking: Perform A Total Of 30 Perfect Blocks

Ghostwire Tokyo Would Make A Killer VR Game (2)

Any trophy that requires precision button presses or perfect timing can be difficult for many. If your hand eye coordination is lacking, catching the open window for a perfect block might feel too tall an order. Thankfully this trophy can be achieved nice and slowlyover your whole playthrough.

There are certain enemies to fight were the perfect blocks feel a bit more achievable. Don’t focus on doing all 30 back-to-back, find your groove with enemies and go for a block when you feel comfortable.

7/8 Collector: Acquire All Relics

a shot of a computer from Ghostwire: Tokyo sat on the rocky ground with a flashlight illuminating it in the darkness

there are 123 relics to find in Tokyo. They’re scattered all over the place; up high on skyscrapers, tucked away in the tunnels below the city. The developers of Ghostwire Tokyo were very kind in making these challenges. You can actually track these collectibles on the map screen to catch which ones you missed, look for the cat head icons.

Of course, knowing the approximate area isn’t immediately helpful, so you can listen out for cat meows coming from the DualSense. the relics come in all shapes and sizesso scour the area to ensure you’re looking at every item.

6/8 Your Tail’s Showing: Find All Of The Missing Tanuki

Akito reading the thoughts of a lost Tanuki.

One of the more enjoyable, but still tricky, side quests is to find all tanuki across Tokyo. Tanuki are Japanese racoon dogs with cute little tails, and it’s these tails that will help you out with this quest. The tanuki can disguise themselves as any object, so when you switch to spectral vision, they only stand out because of their tails. While some are pretty easy to find, due to being large objects, the smaller ones can be a nightmare to find.

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If you’re really struggling to track down the tanuki head to a shrine and donate, this will allow you to request a hint to nearby tanuki and show them on the map. If you pick up this side quest early, you can keep your eyes peeled while exploring and hope to catch sight of a tail.

5/8 Gourmand: Acquire All Types Of Food And Drink

A wide shot of a solitary shopping bag on top of a giant rock against a dimly lit backdrop of an abandoned facility

With 50 types of food and drink you’d think this would be an easy trophy to grab, but the consumables can be difficult to find across the map. Your friend is the consumable tracker in the menu. These foods and drink can be bought in shops, but also found in white and blue shopping bags strewn around the streets.

Check out all the market stalls as these sell one type of consumable and whenever you visit an area, check the shops and buy everything possible. You may end up consulting a guide when trying to find the few that spawn in remote areas like on top of tall buildings or tucked away down alleys.

4/8 Wishmaker: Complete All Side Missions

Ghostwire Tokyo After The End Side Quest Part 3 Location

With 42 side missions, these will take up a large portion of your time. Many of these can be beaten as you progress through the story or naturally explore the map. This trophy will unlock once you’ve completed many of the others on this list. It’s worth noting, the game will inform you that a particular mission will be missed if you pass the point of no return and complete the story.

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You can actually go back to exploration to finish that mission, so don’t sweat it too much. Make sure to track all missions as you make your way to the final standoff.

3/8 One Fell Swoop: Defeat At Least 5 Visitors Simultaneously By Pulling Out Their Cores

Ghostwire Tokyo Would Make A Killer VR Game (1)

This trophy can trip up many people as you need the perfect placement of visitors to pull it off. To unlock this trophy, you need a minimum of 5 visitors standing close together and stunned. Big battles are key, as are utilizing low power abilities. While fighting, you need to weaken the visitors bit by bit, while waiting for them to be clustered together. As soon as you see the cores exposed, with 5 of them in your vision, get to grabbing.

This might be one of the last trophies you grab as you hunt for the right group of visitors, but if you’re aware of this trophy before you start your journey you can keep this one in mind.

2/8 Hero Of Shibuya: Complete The Main Story After Transferring 100 Percent Of The Spirits In The City

Ghost with an umbrella in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Possibly the biggest task ahead of you is collecting loose spirits lingering around Tokyo. These look like a bundle of humanoid spirits clustered into a ball. You’ll suck these into paper dolls called Katashiro. The spirits can be found literally anywhere; in the subway, in the open parks and littered across rooftops. There are simple ways to track this totally. You can use the spirit perception beads to highlight the right places to visit.

Make sure you have the largest number of Katashiro available as it will cut down traversing back and forth. Of course, the key to this trophy is in the flavor text above, you have to collect all spirits before you take on the finale. If you miss even one, the trophy won’t pop.

1/8 Ghostwire Tokyoite: Acquire All Trophies

Ghostwire Tokyo No People clothes all over the abandoned street

Okay, this one is a bit of a cop out, but let’s be honest the platinum trophy is often the hardest one to unlock. With Ghostwire Tokyo, the combination of all of the above makes it not only trickier, but a grind on your time. The trophies that require you to find all collectibles or unlock items will take much longer, generally. Thankfully there are upgrades which will take the sting out of hunting.

We’ve listed several trophies that will instill a sense of pride within you for unlocking, but the platinum takes the cake. There are few better feelings than completely rinsing the game of everything to see and experience.

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