Friday, May 20, 2022

Gangplank gets first skin in two years as Riot reveals new Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse and seafaring LoL skins

Everyone’s favorite top-lane pirate Gangplank has been given a new League of Legends (LoL) skin for the first time in two years.

The ‘Gangplank the Betrayer’ skin was shown off on the official League of Legends Twitter account today, and comes after his most recent skin, FPX Gangplank, launched in April 2020.

Gangplank is joined by Yasuo, who is also getting a sea-themed skin – Sea Dog Yasuo.

The skins were announced as part of a new line of Solar and Lunar skins in LoL. These include Solar Eclipse Sivir, Solar Eclipse Kayle, Solar Eclipse Sejuani, Lunar Eclipse Aatrox and Lunar Eclipse Senna.

There will also be a prestige variant of the Lunar Eclipse skin for Senna.

Solar and Lunar have been contrasting themes in League of Legends for several years now, with the champions Leona (Solar) and Diana (Lunar) adopting these themes.

You can see the splash art for Gangplank the Betrayer and Sea Dog Yasuo here, with their look and feel clearly Bilgewater-esque:

And the splash art for the new 2022 Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse skins can be found here:

As usual, Riot hasn’t yet revealed the RP price of the skins, nor their release date, but they are available to test on the PBE (Public Beta Environment) of League of Legends now.

You can expect them to hit the Rift over the coming month, in April or May 2022.

Two weeks ago, Riot also revealed new Arcana LoL skins for Ahri, Ryze, Hecarim, Rakan and Xayah, which are due to launch on live servers this week.

In other LoL skins updates, LoL Anima Squad skins including Battle Cat Jinx Prestige Edition and Battle Bunny Prime Riven were recently added to the game.

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