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Game Bosses That Are Bigger Than A Skyscraper

The phrase “escalation of scale” has two different meanings when it comes to a story conflict: a metaphorical meaning and a literal meaning. A metaphorical escalation of scale means that the conflict is for greater stakes and will have a greater impact on the world in which it takes place. A literal escalation of scale is when the conflict becomes physically bigger.

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In many games, and in action games especially, at least one literal escalation of scale is waiting for you in the back half of the story, when the monsters get big enough to eclipse entire cities. The following 10 video game bosses are examples of this terrifying, awesome, and terrifyingly awesome kind of situation.

10 Erginus – Earth Defense Force

Erginus fighting Mobile Fortress Balam in Earth Defense Force 4.1

While the alien Ravagers that seek to conquer the Earth in every Earth Defense Force game typically prefer to make use of giant insects and arachnids, they have been known to deploy giant reptiles on occasion as well. When these reptiles reach a sufficient size, we hit the expected point: old-fashioned giant monsters.

Erginus is one such monster, a gigantic reptile creature covered in glowing muscular structure. It’s so big that the EDF had to develop the equally-gigantic Mobile Fortress Balam in a hurry just to counter it.


9 Yaldabaoth-Persona 5

Yaldabaoth looming over the Phantom Thieves in Persona 5

The true form of the “Holy Grail,” an enormous cognitive construct dwelling in the depths of humanity’s collective unconscious. Yaldabaoth fancies itself a “God of Control,” as it was created by humanity’s unconscious desire to have someone else govern their lives for them.

Such a powerful desire, empowered by nearly all of humanity, understandably gave rise to a massive, terrible being. Luckily, Joker’s Ultimate Persona, Satanael, ended being just as large as Yaldabaoth, and with a much larger gun to put a bullet through its head.

8th Calamity Ganon – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Calamity Ganon circling Hyrule Castle in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Ganondorf’s original grudge against Hyrule had been festering for so many years, over the course of so many lifetimes, that when it manifested again in the Age of the Wild, it could no longer be contained by a physical form. Ganon, in his full calamity form, is barely even a living thing anymore, but rather an enormous specter of pure evil will.

Its hatred of Hyrule is so single-minded, it will stop at nothing to consume the land and its people in darkness. It was only thanks to the combined efforts of Link and Zelda that this literal living nightmare was put to rest.

7 The Icon of Sin – Doom Eternal

The Icon of Sin looking through a hole in a building in Doom Eternal

As its name implies no doubt, the Icon of Sin is mortal suffering made flesh, a walking, breathing testament to the infinitely cruelties of Hell. Tragically, this goat-headed titan actually used to be a human, but after his father made a Faustian bargain to revive him from the dead, Hell took full advantage of his tortured heart to create its ultimate weapon.

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The Icon of Sin isn’t just a massive beast; its very presence rends the surrounding space, guaranteeing that anywhere it sets foot is officially on borrowed time. Unfortunately for the Icon, the Doom Slayer was in an especially bad mood when it showed up on Earth, so that problem just kind of worked itself out.

6 Ares-God of War

Ares looking forward in God of War (2005)

Kratos has fought (and beheaded) numerous giant men and monsters over the years, but we would be remiss if we didn’t spotlight the one that set all of that in motion. Anyone who has even a passing familiarity in Greek mythology knows Ares, the God of War.

As an Olympian god, Ares’ size isn’t static, but whenever he appeared on the surface of the earth, he made a habit of doing so in the form of a gigantic warrior, fitting a being of his particular office. Of course, that size ultimately meant nothing when Kratos showed up to claim his pound of flesh.

5 Eternatus – Pokemon Sword & Shield

Eternamax Eternatus reaching out in Pokemon Sword and Shield

In its base state, this extra-terrestrial Pokemon is rather large, but when it absorbs enough energy to reach its Eternamax form, it becomes a gargantuan titan, easily dwarfing any other Pokemon ever discovered in sheer verticality.

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Fittingly, Eternatus is the source of the Dynamax phenomenon that occurs in the Galar region. Its true size is so prodigious, its mere presence can make Pokemon around the region spontaneously Dynamax. Of course, Eternatus is still a Pokemon, and as one intrepid Trainer found out, if it’s a Pokemon, a Poke Ball can hold it.

4 Jubilee – Bayonetta

Jubilee awakening in Bayonetta

Jubileus the Creator is the lone Dea-class angel of Paradiso’s hierarchy. Originally imprisoned after an ancient war, the modern day Lumen Sages, mad with power, attempted to revive her in an effort to rewrite the rules of reality and place Paradiso firmly in charge of the Trinity of Realities, with both demons and humans under her gigantic boat.

With a last-minute summoning spell of her own, though, Bayonetta was able to call forth Queen Sheeba, ruler of Inferno, to gently dissuade Jubileus from being alive.

3 Jergingha-The Wonderful 101

Planet Destroyer Form Jergingha posing in The Wonderful 101

The Supreme Commander of the GEATHJERK Federation Supreme Armada, Jergingha bears the epithet of “Machine World,” and it’s an apt one; the federation’s GEATH-Wahksay planetary fortress, roughly the size of a small moon, is actually Jergingha’s entire body, and he’s got the firepower to go with his enormous size.

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His Chi-Q Marble-Buster cannon can produce enough energy to, in Commander Nelson’s words, knock the Earth into the next star system. The Wonderful 100 had to draw on the power of the entire Earth to create a beam of their own to match , and eventually exceed, Jerginga’s massive attack.

2 Wyzen – Asura’s Wrath

Wyzen poking the planet in Asura's Wrath

The largest member of the Seven Deities, Wyzen is already a rather large combatant even at normal size. When he activates his godlike Gongen transformation, however, he looms over the entirety of Gaea as a massive bronze deity.

In this form, he attacks Asura by simply poking at the planet with his index finger, much in the same way you would “attack” a small bug on your desk. It is a testament, then, to Asura’s own strength when he successfully beats back that gargantuan finger using nothing but his bare hands.

1 Giygas-Earthbound

Giygas' twisted face in Earthbound

When Pokey deactivates the Devil’s Machine and lets Giygas’ full strength loose upon Ness and his friends, Giygas sucks them into an entire pocket dimension. In this blood-red realm, Giygas is all there is, and all there ever will be, and those that dare to enter are bludgeoned from all sides by attacks the human mind cannot even comprehend.

To even attempt to ascribe the notion of “size” to Giygas may be pointless. At his peak, Giygas isn’t just “big,” he is everything, and reality itself shudders at the weight of his terrible might. It was only thanks to the prayers of the people around the world that Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo were able to come back from this encounter alive.

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