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Gambit Esports wants to compete against every top team at Champions

Two months ago, five Russians won the second international VALORANT trophy in Berlin. Now at the most important event of the year VALORANT Champions, Gambit Esports is back in Germany to defend this title.

“At the moment we are only the challengers,” said Gambit’s in-game leader Igor “Redgar” Vlasov. “We are only winners if we prove ourselves and win the trophy.”

Almost every single player participating in Champions has expressed their desire to play against Gambit and Ayaz “nAts” Akhmetshin. Everyone wants a chance at the best team in the world, but the scrim demons of the Commonwealth of Independent States are not afraid. But on the contrary. They are well prepared and ready to face any opponent who gets in their way.

“It feels good that every team wants to play against us and that every team will prepare really hard for us, I like that and we are ready for them,” said Timofey “Chronicle” Khromov. “We can adjust to our opponents very well at the moment, it will be very difficult for the teams to play us off.”

Gambit sport
Every player on Gambit’s roster has grown in popularity since their Masters 3 win. | Photo by Colin Young-Wolff / Riot Games

Gambit starts the tournament with games against Team Secret, Crazy Raccoon and Team Vikings. They were all put into Group C for the first leg of the tournament.

“Our opponents in Berlin tried to counter us, but we knew how to deal with it, so I think there will be more mind games this time,” said Redgar. “I don’t think that we’ve already won the tournament, I see ourselves as challengers again like before the Masters 3.”

On the grind

Gambit has every right to be confident, but some have already written her off due to her overwhelming performance on Red Bull Home Ground. Many expected that they would win this tournament, but both Chronicle and Redgar admitted they weren’t in the best shape at the time.

Her star player Ayaz “nAts” Akhmetshin had COVID-19 in late October, which meant they couldn’t practice as much as they wanted. It took them a while to regain momentum after an intense Masters 3 tournament.

“After the Red Bull tournament, we also started improving our individual skills because we were sucking really hard,” said Chronicle. “We’ve been testing things all month and before Red Bull we weren’t in very good shape to win it.”

Their overwhelming performance at the Red Bull Home Ground lit a fire among Masters 3 winners. They flew to Moscow for boot camp on November 8th and began an intensive training program to improve and get their mojo back. The Gambit team had seven training sessions a day, plus hours of team and individual VOD reviews, which meant they often worked more than 10-12 hours a day.

Gambit sport
The entire Gambit squad at Masters 3 Berlin. | Photo by Colin Young-Wolff for Riot Games

They adjusted their training schedule and played at night to mimic the late start time of the official games at Champions. In addition, every single player would spend their free time training goal or working on themselves. Chronicle even took on a new hobby to help him get more rounded.

“I actually started playing chess,” he said. “It’s a pretty strange thing, but I think it helps me understand what’s going on on the map and better understand situations. I play a lot against bots and got 2000 Elo. My current rating is around 1020, but I still have a lot to improve. “

Every team, including those that have never performed on the international stage, has trained tirelessly in front of the master. Bootcamps and 12-hour workdays are common, but every other team’s goal is to take Gambit off. Redgar believes they have trained enough to meet this challenge.

“A lot of teams have improved and they keep improving, but so do we,” he said. “You can play 10-12 hours a day, but if you don’t know where you are weak, you can’t improve quickly. We know what to work on and we’ve worked really hard to fix these. The key is knowing how to get better and working hard to achieve it. “

Redgar is confident that his team has trained to work on the things Gambit needs to improve the most.

“Personally, I know my style of play is too aggressive at times, so I’ve been working on changing my style of play,” he said. “[I’ve been] We learn many different styles of play, so we become completely illegible. “

EMEA is one of the strongest regions in VALORANT

Gambit is one of four EMEA teams competing at Champions, but analysts don’t have that much confidence in others competing in this tournament. However, Chronicle believes the EMEA teams will be more of a problem for them than for other regions.

“The other EMEA teams are very strong right now, they all are,” Chronicle said. “I don’t know if they are stronger than us, but any team can do well, our teams are really competitive. I think the EMEA teams will be more of a challenge for us because they already know how we play, they know everything about us so they can prepare really well. Back at the Masters Berlin we trained against almost all the teams that were there and at the moment we are training a lot against EMEA teams. “

There has been a long debate about how much we should read in Scrimbux before the tournament, although Redgar doesn’t think it’s reliable, he also recognizes the strengths of the EMEA teams.

Gambit sport
Chronicle and Igor “Redgar” Vlassov hug in Berlin. | Photo by Lance Skundrich for Riot Games

“Scrims [results are] never the true result of what teams can show in official games, but I have a feeling the EMEA teams will be pretty strong, “said Redgar. “When we played against Team Liquid, for me they had a really great goal and individual skills. If they can think of them as champions, they’ll be great. “

He added that Acend plays Scrimmages as if they were playing VALORANT for fun. They use all kinds of strategies, which makes it difficult to predict what they will do in official tournaments.

“With this team, you have to expect every scenario,” he said.

A message to everyone at Champions from Gambit

Again, it’s no secret that every team wants to compete against the Masters 3 winners and the Gambit boys have some messages for their future opponents at Champions. Always sane Redgar hopes he can play everyone at their best.

“I want to tell them that I want us to play in our best conditions and show great VALORANT when we play against each other,” he said. “I like games where both teams are doing their best. It makes you feel amazing like ‘Wow what a great fight!’ When you lose you feel sad, but when you win you feel happier because it was a tough game and both teams did their best. “

Gambit begins its championship journey with a best-of-three group game against Team Secret. Only time will tell if your hard work and mind games will pay off. Chronicle had another message for all of the teams they will meet at the final VALORANT tournament in 2021.

“Good luck,” he said, “but that luck won’t help you.”

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