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Fortnite Without Building Got People Back Into the Game

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18 May 2022, 13:41

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Fortnite’s Zero Build mode has stolen the hearts of players who were turned off by building. Many of them have decided to return to the game, and it looks like they won’t be leaving it anytime soon.

For some time noe Fortnite’s battle royale fans could enjoy this experience untainted by building. Of course, some argued that separating the modes with and without building would strip the game of its unique style, but that’s clearly not the case.

Building was cool, but without building, it’s something else!

To clarify – you can still build in the game. Epic Games didn’t take away that option completely, they just gave players the choice to play a match with or without building. Just hat, and as much as that.

While building in Fortnite is not that impressive, the lack of it is. Some players who didn’t particularly like building have returned to the game and this is a new and better experience for them.

“Even my friend who kept making fun of me for playing Fortnite started playing herself, she eventually bought Fortnite team [a monthly subscription to the game – ed. note] and is well on her way to reaching level 200. lmao,” wrote AaronCJP.

“A lot of people don’t like the building mechanic or have problems with it so they stay away from the game, me included, but now with Zero Build mode, people have come to love Fortnite,” wrote Entropyahdong

“[…] Zero Build enables me to use skills from other FPS/TPS games, so I can compete on an equal level right away. By the way, I pulled four friends into Fortnitewho scoffed at it just a few years ago,” wrote chieffelix472.

Did Zero Build do the game any good?

If you take into account the fact that some players don’t have to deal with building mechanics that didn’t necessarily give them as much fun as one would expect, then the mode split has definitely worked out for Fortnite.

After all, players returning to a battle royale is pretty much everything a publisher could want. At least not just because of the game’s growing resurging popularity.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that Zero Build isn’t the only popular thing in Fortnite. Quite a large crowd of supporters has also gathered around the Creative Mode, in which players can create their own content. The Unreal Engine 5 editor was recently released to the community, and another, even more advanced one – Unreal Editor – is on its way.

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