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Fortnite players recreate the Spider-Man pointer meme

Just point at another person disguised as Spider-Man. If you’re lucky, show it back.

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Fortnite is filled to the brim with characters from other series and franchises. Batman, Master Chief, and even Ariana Grande are part of the game, which at this point touches almost every corner of the pop culture world. However, Spider-Man, who officially entered the game last weekend to usher in Chapter 3, could be Fortnite’s largest acquisition to date. The face of Marvel and perhaps the most iconic superhero of all time, just in time for No Way Home’s arrival.

You can unlock the Spider-Man skin by reaching page nine of the Season 1 Battle Pass and then Spidey’s Symbiote Suit on page ten. You’ll also be able to swing across the island using web shooters later this week, though some players have discovered a loophole that allows them to pre-acquire them. If you wait for them to officially arrive, there is something else Spider-Man-related to do in Fortnite to help pass the time.

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Recreate a meme. There should be one meme that springs to mind when you think of Spider-Man. The one from the cartoon series The Web Slinger, in which two Spider-Men point to each other. It turns out that the combo of Spider-Man’s addition to Fortnite, anyone can wear their suit once unlocked, and a pointing emote means the meme can come to life in Fortnite.

As you can see courtesy of ludiqpich198 in the Reddit post above, not only can the meme be recreated, but it can also contain more than just two Spider-Men. You went for three and it looks great. Now the competition begins to recreate the meme with as many Spideys as possible. Four should be in sync like you can do in squads. More than that can be tricky as you have to recruit enemies or do it in another mode like Creative or Team Rumble.


Fortnite’s version of Spider-Man has received wide acclaim so far. The swinging mechanics are pretty awesome in the eyes of some people who have played both games, and better than the one you use to traverse Marvel’s Avengers. You can also use Fortnite’s Spider-Man on any platform, not just PlayStation.

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