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Foodbeast brings first cooking show to TwitchCon with battle royale twist

When you combine a stage filled with talented creators and chefs from numerous communities, an audience able to shape how the event unfolds, an entirely live setting, and cooking with a hint of chaos you get TwitchCon San Diego’s “Foodbeast Kitchen League Battle Royale.”

After a troubled few years that also saw the tremendous growth of the streaming and gaming community, TwitchCon is finally back to its usual in-real-life format and the event is packed with a plethora of exciting and engaging events of all types for creators and fans to enjoy.

Among the many exciting activities fans may already be familiar with, TwitchCon San Diego 2022 is also set to be the stage for a brand new event never seen at TwitchCon previously–an entirely live cooking competition hosted by Foodbeast dedicated to bringing people together.

The event called “Foodbeast’s Kitchen League Battle Royale,” hopes to unite streamers and chefs for an epic battle of culinary mini-games leading up to a final Kitchen League match at the very end of the event. Teams compete in duos and continuously battle while being narrowed down in a manner that operates “a lot like a traditional battle royale meets Fall Guys” until there is just one team left to win a secret grand prize.

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“Our goal was to find communities from the different ends of Twitter and give them the stage together,” Elie Ayrouth, the publisher of Foodbeast and host of the Foodbeast TwitchCon event told Dot Esports ahead of the San Diego meet-up.

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Foodbeast, the host behind the “Kitchen League Battle Royale” TwitchCon event, is a dedicated “food media and creator network” blog website.

They also host a show called Foodbeast’s Kitchen Leaguewhich is currently livestreamed on Twitter but is “soon to be distributed on-demand on other streaming services,” and this is where the inspiration for the TwitchCon event originates.

While most cooking competitions have lots of cuts and editing, Foodbeast’s Kitchen League series is “the world’s first and only live competitive cooking show” and will remain this way for the TwitchCon variation of it. The event will have ”no edits, no do-overs,” just pure live chaos and fun that the audience gets to witness unfold in its entirety.

Foodbeasts Kitchen League presents the “lure and prestige of cooking shows” with the special twist of being live and unedited, thus making it the perfect stage for a TwitchCon event featuring some of the biggest creators around.

Images via Twitch

Following on the heels of his recent face reveal, Minecraft superstar Dream will be making his first public appearance at TwitchCon San Diego and will be taking part in only two events, one of which is Foodbeast’s cooking competition. Since Dream revealed he would be participating, many fans have taken to Twitter to express their excitement for the Foodbeast event and the prospect of seeing both the Minecraft star and their other favorite creators competing in this unique tournament.

All of the creators listed as participating in the “Foodbeast’s Kitchen League Battle Royale” TwitchCon event are as follows.

  • dreams
  • GeorgeNotFound
  • SAPnap
  • Quackity
  • TinaKitten
  • EvanAndKatelyn
  • Neeko
  • Triciaisabirdy
  • Wallibear
  • Leezipotato
  • Allux
  • TheHungerService
  • PizzaPrincessG
  • SpawnOnMe
  • MrsRuvi
  • BBBubz
  • Chief Steve330
  • BlindGamerSteve
  • CookwithKait
  • VernNotice
  • Bookofelie (host)

With regards to the outpouring of excitement from various communities surrounding their event, Ayrouth shared that “the positive responses have been incredibly encouraging” for the Foodbeast team.

Although the creators and chefs competing are the stars of the event, “Foodbeast’s Kitchen League Battle Royale” is also highly interactable and the audience is an integral part of the show.

The TwitchCon version of this event will echo what Foodbeast’s Kitchen League show regularly does and allow the chat to help shape how the event unfolds.

An example of this dynamic can be seen with one of the mini-games that will be played during the event, which is called “Cake Stacker.” Ayrouth shared with Dot that during this mini-game, contestants will be tasked with trying to build the tallest cake possible, but the chat will be tasked with attempting to bring it down.

Ahead of the TwitchCon event, the Foodbeast team has continuously had fans help them unveil information about the competition and this will continue until the event goes live. Thus, fans should pay attention to any hints provided if they wish to learn more about the event ahead of when it takes place.

While the duos competing in the event have been teased by the Foodbeast team on Twitter, fans wanting to officially know who will be teamed up for the event will have to continue to watch Foodbeast’s Twitter closely in the coming days to find out exactly what the team lineup wants to be.

However, there is one confirmed duo competing in the event. While it was previously only hinted at on Foodbeast’s Twitter accountAyrouth confirmed to Dot Esports that Quackity is officially teamed with Neeko on the Blue Berries.

Kitchen League is a really fun place for creators to do something they’ve never done before,” Ayrouth concluded. “And for their communities to see their creators in games, situations, and with other creators they normally wouldn’t.”

The “Foodbeast’s Kitchen League Battle Royale” event is scheduled to take place on Oct. 8, 2022 at 1:30pm CT and will run for about one hour and 30 minutes. Fans can attend the event in person at TwitchCon San Diego in the Glitch Theater or watch virtually from anywhere in the world on TwitchCon’s official Twitch page.

Foodbeast also wants livestream pre and post-coverage of the TwitchCon event on their own official Twitch page for those looking to experience the event.

Fans can see a full rundown of who is competing in the event, when it will be taking place, and all other important information on the official “Foodbeast’s Kitchen League Battle Royale” page on TwitchCon’s official website.

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