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Farming Simulator 22: 5 Best Maps

Farming Simulator 22 is just the latest in a long series that has captivated millions of players over the years. While straying from the likes of Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley, Farming Simulator actually strives to bring a more realistic approach to a farming game. You are just a simple farmer trying to make it in the harsh world of professional farming.

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The game has hundreds of tools, vehicles, and attachments for those vehicles to choose from, each of them beautifully modeled after their real-life counterparts. You will also get to construct various buildings on your farm and, when you have the needed resources, grow your own livestock. Basically, the only limits to how you can arrange your farm are your imagination and the map that you are playing on. The game currently only offers three maps in its base game, but luckily the modding community is hard at work creating more.


5 Elm Creek

The first map, Elm Creek is situated in the USA and is the most accessible map that the base game has to offer. Most people living in the Midwestern parts of the USA will feel right at home on this lovely map. It has a small town in its center which offers all the usual shops and plenty of plots of land that surround it to choose from (82 to be exact).

As far as the land itself goes, most of it is pretty flat, allowing you to maintain and farm your crops easily. If you’re a beginner or just want a chill experience, then this is the perfect map for you.

4 Haut Beyleron

Situated in Southern France, Haut-Beyleron is the medium difficulty map that the base game has to offer. If you prefer a more European aesthetic then this is the map for you. The center of the map offers all the shops that you would need to prosper. The surrounding areas offer a total of 48 fields that you can purchase over time.

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Overall the terrain is a bit more hilly than Elm Creek, meaning that you will need to plan ahead if you want to maximize the yield of your crops. The warmer climate will also enable you to grow more exotic crops. This is probably the best map to create a French vineyard. All in all, this is an excellent map for people who have some experience under their belt and are looking for a new challenge.

3 Alder Ridge

The last map that the base game has to offer, Erlengrat is the hardest of the three. It’s situated in the Swiss Alps, offering some beautiful vistas and a mountain range that overlooks the entire valley. This map offers even fewer fields with a total of only 25, meaning that you will have to plan ahead if you want to make the most out of this map.

But don’t let the beauty of Erlengrat deceive you; the mountainous terrain and the few plots of land that it offers make for a challenging experience. There is plenty of land to go around on the edges of the map, but you will have to create your own farmland there. But doing so will prove extra challenging due to how hilly the terrain is. If you consider yourself a Farming Simulator expert, then you should feel right at home on Erlengrat.

2 Pennsylvania

This is a modded map that has gained some popularity in the last few months. The creator’s aim was to emulate farmlands in the heart of Pennsylvania, and he did a pretty good job of that. You will find a massive lake in the middle of the map, surrounded by a small village that offers all the usual shops that you need for your farm to flourish.

As far as the land goes, most of it is pretty flat with a few surrounding areas that have a bit more irregular terrain. In terms of difficulty, this is a pretty simple map with plenty of plots of farmland to grow pretty much any type of crop. So if you’re still struggling with some of the game mechanics but want to try out a new map, Pennsylvania might be the right choice for you.

1 Huron County Michigan

An absolutely colossal expansion of farmlands, this modded map takes inspiration from the Huron County farmlands in Michigan. With a total of 215 plots of land ranging from tiny to huge, if you want to create a literal farming empire, then this is the map for you. In order to cater to the enormous farming capacity that this map enables, there are custom factories with increased production speeds as well as more extensive storage space. On top of all that you also have access to a fertilizer factory and a forage mixing plant.

Specific plots on this map also have a turbine that will generate a steady income when you acquire it, giving you some much-needed extra spending money. The entire terrain of this map is very flat, meaning that you won’t have a hard time when starting out. The insane number of plots of land at your disposal means that the sky is the limit when it comes to the size of your farm. Definitely a map that caters to people who want to create an enormous farm or an excellent map for a multiplayer server with lots of players.

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