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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – All Team Rounds, Ranked

Fall Guys has cemented itself as a modern party game favorite, especially once it went free-to-play. The round-based large-scale events offer a blend of races, collect-a-thons, and last-player-standing challenges to entertain you and your squad of up-to four for hours

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Every once in a while, the rotation of available mini-game rounds changes, sometimes temporarily shelving games that aren’t working well or are being exploited. However, this has also led to the introduction of new favorites to freshen up the selection of games with some well-tuned instant classics.


11 Egg Scramble/Siege

Despite its inclusion as one of the earliest available round choices, Egg Siege garnered little positive attention amongst fans as it quickly became known as one of the least desirable rounds to play.

Egg Scramble was intended to be succeeded by Egg Siege with a much larger map, centralized egg pile, and an increased score limit to go along with moving bridges. However, the game still hasn’t won much favor in the community. For the time being, the community is definitely content to avoid these egg-based rounds.

10 hoarders

Hoarders, alongside Egg Siege, bears the unfortunate distinction of being the two games that were temporarily removed from the Main Show due to their lack of popularity. Teams of three are tasked with pushing as many oversized balls into their team’s scoring area as possible before the two minutes are up.

Strangely, there are no borders or walls to keep the balls in your team’s designated scoring area, so keep an eye out for ones that may still be rolling. The sloping terrain also contributes to the frustration of this largely painful event.

9 Team Tail Tag

In theory, Team Tail Tag is one of the simplest rounds in the game that anyone can pick up and enjoy — after all, it’s just a game of tag. However, in practice, this modified version of Tag will leave you feeling like you’re grasping at straws as the success of a tail grab depends heavily on your connection.

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Often, the slight lag that comes with balancing so many connections makes this game more difficult than it should be. It’s quite difficult to get close enough to the tail-holders, but factoring in a bad connection leaves players wishing they were just an inch closer far too often.

8th Jinxed

Unlike Tail Day, Jinxed usually doesn’t leave you feeling like you just ran around chasing your competitors and have nothing to show for it. At the beginning of each round, one ‘Jinxed’ team will be infected by a billowing smoke cloud — think of the ‘Infection’ game modes from Halo.

Your team’s goal is to run away if you are not infected, or, if you are, then you must Jinx the other clean players until one team has been completely Jinxed and is eliminated. The infection element makes this mode much more engaging and strategic while being less reliable on connection than Team Tail Tag.

7 Rock’n’Roll

While some mini-games may trip over their own feet, there are few things Fall Guys does better than a classic race to the finish. Three teams must compete in this all-out ball-rolling bonanza as you pilot your team’s ball through your lane toward the finish.

For most of the mini-game, the teams are separated, but things get frantic once you all converge at the downward slope toward the end, giving teams the chance to interfere with each other in the home stretch. Keep pushing toward the goal, as even if you never reach the finish, the team closest to it will be declared the winners.

6 Hoopsie Daisy

This high-flying round places teams in a large arena filled with floating rings that you must jump through to earn points. Each hoop is worth one point and only one player can earn a point even if multiple players all jump through the same hoop, so don’t group up.

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Occasionally, you’ll spot a slow-rotating golden hoop that will be worth five points, a huge boost to your team if you’re quick enough to grab it. Focus your attention on hoops that others aren’t already running towards as you could be left chasing points the whole game if you continue to miss out by a fraction of a second.

5 Snowy Scrap

This spiritual successor to Rock N Roll builds upon the unpredictability and hectic nature of its predecessor with an added twist. Teams must roll their ball through hexagons of snow in their team area leading toward the central arena where you pack on even more powder until you have a massive snowball.

Once you progress to the main arena, there is a lot more snow to pack together, so be quick to beat your opponents to it. Keep an eye out for a pair of boxing gloves that spawns in the center, so you can quickly punch your team’s ball across the snow.

4 power trip

This two-team game features floor tiles with varying displays for players to switch to their team’s color to claim the win. In order to do this, you’ll need to grab the batteries which will help recolor the floor for your team by walking over the tile while holding the battery.

As the game is about the proportion of tiles that belong to your team compared to the other, you might want to grab a battery and follow an enemy team member around, switching all of their tiles back to your team as they recolor them. Be aware that batteries can be stolen, so controlling the majority of batteries could be used as a key to victory.

3 Pengwin Pursuit

Despite its similar grab-and-hold style to Team Tail Tag, Pengwin Pursuit offers players an adorable, entertaining round choice that is leagues more fun than TTT. Three teams compete to grab and hold onto three penguins for as long as possible, scoring a point for each second this cute little critter is in your arms.

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Unsurprisingly, teams can steal penguins away from you, so you’ll be pursued by the other squads as you waddle around the arena with your little buddy. It is possible to rapidly score points to win if your team is fast and skilled enough to monopolize all three penguins, so take advantage if you can.

2 basketball fall

Unlike its real-world equivalent, Fall Guys’ Basketfall features several balls with two teams simultaneously trying to score on the other’s basket. The best way to score is simply to grab a ball and dunk yourself along with it through the hoop. However, for traditionalists of the game, you can also jump and dive to shoot the ball from afar, which also helps when pesky defenders are hot on your tail.

If having the ball in your hands with the game on the line sounds best left to the professionals, you can alternatively defend your baskets by grabbing opposing players who have a ball. Doing so will knock the ball free, giving you a chance to toss it away and help your team.

1 case ball

Fall Guys’ version of European football aka soccer is a favorite among fans for its straightforward, frenetic sports action. Two balls are deployed instead of one, paving the way for a hectic two-way battle that will surely have plenty of random ricochets to keep you on your toes.

The action really ramps up when various objects such as bananas, American footballs, and golden eggs are added to the fray; you’ll actually want to score the egg as it’s worth five points! If you can communicate with your team, make sure you designate attackers and defenders for the match. Even in Fall Guys, this is still a team game and playing as a unit will be essential if you want to take home the crown.

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