Monday, December 5, 2022

Faker accidentally puts a stop to FlyQuest Philip’s sneaky outplay in League’s Champions Queue

What happens when you get paired against the literal “God” of League of Legends? Even an unsuspecting attack from Faker can ruin your outplay moment. FlyQuest’s Philip witnessed the exact scenario happen to him last night.

The North American Champions Queue has recently become a hotbed for international pro players. Many are queuing into it to warm up before Worlds 2022 begins on Sept. 29, providing some great matchups and performances for fans to see.

The excitement shot up with T1 players beginning to practice on Champions Queue yesterday.

In one such matchup, FlyQuest’s Philip had to play against T1’s Faker in the enemy team. Since both of them play in different lanes, they did not lock horns at the start.

Philip had been dominating the top lane on his Fiora pick and had built up a solid 4/1/1 KDA within 13 minutes. During this time, he found Faker’s low-health Sylas going to clear the top lane minions. Hence, he went and hid in the top bush looking to outplay Faker, despite his own champion being just a hit away from dying.

Unfortunately for Philip, it seems that the heavens were not favoring him. When Faker’s Sylas used Azir’s stolen ultimate Emperor’s Divide to clear the minion wave, a small part of the ability graced Philip’s Fiora.

It instantly deleted Philip’s Fiora, bringing out hilarious reactions from his teammates who were looking forward to this outplay moment.

Champions Queue has allowed NA players to test their mettle against the best players from other regions. Although the leaderboard is still dominated by the regional pros, others are also slowly climbing their way up.

With 41 days still left until the Champions Queue is closed, there is no doubt that fans will witness more awesome or hilarious plays in this period.

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