Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Evil Geniuses narrowly edge out Liquid after a landmark Ocean Soul match

Evil Geniuses defeated Team Liquid League of Legends Squad on day two of today’s LCS Lock-In Tournament.

Team Liquid featured a deep lineup of players as they hit the early pace of the game. However, EG played for Ocean Soul spoilers after a landmark battle, leading to an exciting ending to the highly hyped matchup between the two.

In their second game of the day, Liquid traded Hans Sama and Team Liquid Academy support Eyla’s bot lane for their colleagues Yeon and team captain Corejj. The team wanted to defeat EG, a big favorite for the LCS Lock In Tournament.

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The highly-anticipated match began but was halted shortly after kick-off due to an error investigation, resulting in a chronobreak offer to Liquid, which they declined. Play continued, and the incident was soon followed by a solo kill from EG’s top laner, Impact.

On the other hand, Liquid Academy botlaner Yeon got off to a very strong start on Aphelios, posting a 4/1/1 score at 15 minutes after winning a fight at Rift Herald. However, the advantage wasn’t enough to get a head start, and EG used efficient map movement to mitigate the damage dealt. Both teams fought closely throughout the game and continued to trade kills and goals mid-game.

Liquid felt like a favorite throughout the match due to their consistent pace advantages after even battles. That prospect lasted until EG’s new support Vulcan found amazing engagement on the rakan, resulting in them being able to hit Liquid and grabbing the Ocean Soul, leveling the game again. Teams battled it out for medium priority, with abilities and auto-attacks doing little damage on either side.

The game was then brought to a final Elder Dragon fight as EG’s rookie mid laner pushed to the Nexus on Corki, barely able to land the final punch on the Nexus as EG top laner Impact attempted, run away from the enemy base and flank Liquid. But an over-the-wall kill by EG AD carrying Danny on Corejj caused EG to make a second push towards the Nexus, this time ending the game.

The game was a nice taste of what LCS viewers can expect from the big leagues. With both teams playing with most of their planned starting line-ups, the highlight of day two did not disappoint as both teams showed just how strong they can be in 2022.

Liquid now looks to tomorrow’s game against CLG as the pre-season favorites attempt to defeat the rising stars on Day 3 of the LCS Lock In Tournament. Meanwhile, the day is not over for EG. After an exciting first game of the tournament, they will also look to defeat the exciting new CLG line-up in tonight’s final, which kicks off at 19:30 CT.

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