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Everything You Need To Know About the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Battle Pass

The new season (and new chapter) equals a new Battle Pass. Every season returning players scramble to open Fortnite and see what Epic has set out in the pass. There is always a selection of skins accompanied by back blings, harvesters, gliders, and the occasional contrail. Among those are the usual V Bucks drops, which can be spent in the shop or saved to buy the next Battle Pass, and you’ll find sprays, emotes, music discs, and loading screen artwork.

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This season sees some great new skin designs, with the inclusion of a Gaming Legend in the DOOM Slayer from DOOM and DOOM Eternal. The pass takes you up to Level 100, but fear not, there are more rewards for playing past that. Read on to find out what’s on each page of the pass and to see each of the new skins.


Page 1: Selena

Fortnite Selene skin

The first skin to unlock this season is the colorful Selene, kitted out in pastel pink and turquoise. Along with the Selene skin, the first page of the Battle Pass includes 200 V-Bucks, and the Lunar party dancing emote. You’ll also unlock Selene’s Lunar glow harvester and the Lunarian Luxury item wrap.

Page 2: Moonglow Selene

Fortnite Moonglow Selene skin

Page two of the Battle Pass gives you the Lunar Rings contrailthe standing glider, moonglideand Selene’s back bling, Lunarios. Another 100 V-Bucks is also up for grabs here.

Selene undergoes a huge transformation in her variant skin, shedding the casual look for a more extraterrestrial aesthetic. Her accessories certainly match this skin better than the standard version.

Page 3: Maasai

Fortnite Maasai skin

the Crooked Grind music disc is available on page three, as well as another 100 V-Bucks. Most importantly, the Maasai skin can be unlocked from Level 14, along with his Board Breaker harvester. Maasai’s wrap, Maasai Fireis the last item unlocked at Level 11.

Page 4: Air Walker Maasai

Fortnite Airwalker Maasai skin

If you didn’t think Maasai was already a great skin, on page four you’ll get Air Walker Maasai which gives our skateboarder a mask to wear in battle, and a quick change of clothes.

More V Bucks are featured on this page, as well as the flip flyer glider – a flaming skateboard, and the Grind Bag back bling. Maasai’s balancing emote is a quirky addition that can be used with any skin.

Page 5: DOOM Slayer

Fortnite DOOM Slayer skin

the first ‘Gaming Legend Series’ unlock this season is DOOM Slayerunlocked at Level 26. Page five also drops the Mark Of The Slayer back bling, the Praetor Shroud wrap, and the amazing Cacodemon glider.

The hero of DOOM looks great here, and it’s good to see a gaming legend skin included in the pass rather than in the shop. The quality of these additions is superb; the Cacodemon looks gloriously large.

Page 6: Astro Armour

Fortnite DOOM Slayer Astro Armor skin

Jumping over to page six, you’ll find the flaming hot, Fall To Their DOOM contrail DOOM Slayer’s harvester, Crucible Blade; and the white variant armour, Astro Armour.

Most importantly, at Level 32 you’ll unlock the adorable Mini Slayer fist bump emoteas seen in the mainline DOOM games.

Page 7: Dusty

Fortnite Dusty skin

the tatted up, “Two-time Bruteball MVP” Dusty is unlocked on page sevn (hey, Epic, we need a Bruteball game, please). At Level 35, you’ll grab the Double headers back bling, while at Level 38 rewards you with the dual-wielding harvester Designated Hitters and Dusty’s glider, Infield fly.

Surely a must-have for any baseball fans, Dusty looks like a punk rock athlete, especially when wielding one of the game’s many baseball bat harvesters.

Page 8: Boneyard Dusty

Fortnite Boneyard Dusty skin

Page eight reveals Dusty in her Bruteball armour, which only makes us want a Bruteball game even more. We also get Dusty’s contrail Spring chainingwhich sparks a neon blue fire on the feet and hands.

Both Infield Fly and Double Header receive new color variants on this page at level 42.

Page 9: Nezumi

Fortnite Nezumi skin

For a few seasons now, Epic has utilized a cel-shaded anime style for some characters, often seen with anime crossovers. This season it’s Nezumi who gets this treatment, unlocked at Level 54.

Also at Level 54 are the glider, Whispering windand the harvester, Fanged Foresight. You can grab Nezumi’s back bling, Mind’s Eye, on page nine too. Nezumi versus Deku in the My Hero Academia crossover will be an animation head-to-head.

Page 10: Exile Nezumi

Fortnite Exile Nezumi skin

Page ten, along with all other pages, gives you some V-Bucks. It also features great artwork with a loading screen for Nezumi, who is apparently a master of hypnotism.

It’s here where you’ll find the contrail, Airbound Eyes. At Level 62, you can grab the bizarre emote Hypnot-eyesplus Nezumi’s variant skin, Exile Nezumi. That jacket is great to see in motion.

Page 11: Helsie

Fortnite Helsie skin

vampire Stalkers, Helsie is up next and sure to appeal to fans of demon-based anime, or those opposed to bloodsuckers. Page 11 plays into Helsie’s obsession with boba milk tea with the Boba Bling.

This is before hitting Level 70 and nabbing the wrap, hunterpurple, and the harvester, big bite. We hope you also like boba tea as it dominates this page and the next.

Page 12: Bobarista Helsie

Fortnite Bobarista Helsie

Page 12 shows off more boba tea than you could ever want. the Boba Snack emote is a traversal emote where your character will ride a cluster of boba balls, which looks more monstrous than it’s supposed to be.

The Boba Bling gets a new colourway, and the colors fly high with the Terminal Veloci-tea contrail. Last but not least, we get Helsie decked out in her Bobarista style.

Page 13: The Ageless

Fortnite The Ageless skin

The penultimate page ushers in The Ageless character whose history and backstory come through across the map. Level 82 unlocks the Oathbound Empire music discas well as the stylish Protector Of The Pledge back bling – a fitting shield for this knight.

The Ageless skin does have a variant, but not in the traditional sense, as we’ve seen on previous pages…

Page 14: Call To Arms Emote

Fortnite The Ageless emote

Because the variant is unlocked via an emote, Call To Armswhich sees The Ageless call in pieces of his white and gold armor that briefly orbit his body before snapping into place.

Perhaps the best glider is left for this page, as Commander’s Descent creates an infinite staircase, which The Ageless struts down while gliding into the map. And what’s a knight without a sword? the Eternal Edge harvester is unlocked at level 94.

Bonus Rewards Page 1: Club President Helsie

Fortnite Club President Helsie skin

As with the many seasons before this, Fortnite rewards those players who keep fighting beyond level 100. On page one, we see new variants for Flip Flyer and Fanged Foresight before the 20 star unlock of the preppy-looking Club President Helsie.

Bonus Rewards Page 2: Bullpen Brawler Dusty

Fortnite Bullpen Dusty skin

Page two of the bonus rewards offers up variants for several items, including a bruteball wrap. Another 20 stars will snag you the epic, masked skin for Dusty, Bullpen Brawler.

Bonus Rewards Page 3: Phobo’s Armor

Fortnite DOOM Slayer Phobos skin

While the bronze-coloured DOOM Slayer Phobos Armor should be the highlight here, there’s an exclusive emote up for grabs for seven stars. This synced emote dangles a charm in front of other players to hypnotize them, which is a nice touch complement to Nezumi’s emote.

Midseason drops

Fortnite midseason skins

For the first time ever, Fortnite will be dropping midseason skins. Each is a style change for the main skins in the Battle Pass – Selene, Maasai, DOOM Slayer, Dusty, and Nezumi.

From the information on the page, these skins will be unlocked via ‘Account Levels’, rather than stars and will arrive on January 31, 2023.

Geralt Of Rivia

Fortnite Geralt skin

While we know that Mr. Beast other hulk are coming to Fortnite this season, there is no information about these yet. There is, however, a page for geralt from The Witcher games. It looks like Geralt will step into battle on February 7, 2023bringing with him his trusty swords, an Igni Sign emote, and the Witcher’s Steel Sword harvesting tool.

Will we see Geralt’s horse Roach? Only time will tell.

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