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Everything included in the new Dota 2 Battle Pass

Dota 2 is fun on its own and every single match can be seen as an adventure, but with more cosmetics everything gets even better. Players love to unlock skins and other cosmetic items for their favorite heroes. The Battle Pass is always stacked with tons of detailed skins for the heroes and even card effects.

The latest Battle Pass also includes an event, Aghanim Labyrinths The Continuum Conundrum. In this case, due to a non-functioning continuum device, Aghanim the Mighty encounters his alternate versions from the multiverse. While players can enjoy Cavern Crawl, a limited-time game mode, there will also be weekly quests to help players unlock even more content.

Like previous Battle Passes, this one is packed with high quality cosmetics, from a Mirana personality based on their model to in Dota: Dragon blood to a Drow Ranger Arcana, Dread Retribution. Drow Rangers Arcana adds 800 new vocal lines to the hero’s vocal arsenal and is practically a complete replica of the hero.

Given the number of cosmetics available in the Battle Pass, it may take a while to download the patch depending on your internet speed. If you want to take a look at what to expect in the Battle Pass before you log in Dota 2, everything is in here Dota 2‘s new Battle Pass.

All Battle Pass levels

Mirana Persona and the Drow Range Arcana

The basic version of Mirana of Nightsilver is unlocked at Battle Pass level 135 and players can unlock additional armor sets at level 235.

Dread Retribution, on the other hand, is unlocked at level 33. Players can unlock the second style of Drow Rangers Arcana by taking out heroes who have the mark of vengeance. If Drow Ranger is killed with the Arcana, the hero who killed them will be destined for revenge. If Drow’s team also wins the game, players can progress towards unlocking the second style of arcana.

The Battle Pass Treasures

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