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Every Train In Train Sim World 3, Ranked

Train Sim World 3 combines everything train lovers unite for. With this simulation game, you have the freedom to be the train conductor of your dreams and experience each unique locomotive to your desire. One of the best things introduced in the game was the carryover from Train Sim World 2, though now new tracks and trains have been introduced and are ready to be explored.

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Adventuring into the frozen scenery of Germany or the fall-colored routes of London, you’re able to do so with some of the newest and fastest trains available in the “real world.” Whether you’ve been a long-time fan or a brand-new conductor, there’s no doubt that Train World Sim 3 contains some of the best locomotive simulations out there.


11/11 BR Class 66 EWS

Photo of stationary Class 66 EWS in Training Center

One of the most well-known locomotives in the United Kingdom is the BR Class 66 and harbors a great amount of power both in Train Sim World 3 and in everyday use.

This 6-axle diesel-electric train is typically used for freight and requires more knowledge about braking than other locomotives that were newly released. Understanding the three positions of the Direct Brake, Brake Cylinder Gauge, and Brake Pipe Control will be essential in ensuring a smooth ride. Master this, and you’ll be enjoying the countryside scenery in no time.

10/11 BNSF ES44C4

Photo of stationary BNSF SD40-2 in Training Center

ES44C4’s were made to resist the harshest conditions that can be thrown its way.

Running with max horsepower of 4,400 it’s clear that this locomotive is not lacking in power. Of course, being a freight train power is one thing that should never be in short supply. If you’re a beginner to Train Sim World 3, the controls (73, to be exact) may look slightly more complicated than others and will need more maintenance while driving to keep things in order.

9/11 Class 375/9 SEB

Photo of stationary Class 3759 SEB in Training Center

As one of the most widely known trains, its electric and diesel combination engine makes it a unique ride.

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If you’re looking for a passenger train that has the “typical metro look,” this is the one for you. The combined brake and throttle power handle makes it easier to get moving and reaches the top speed of 100 mph relatively quickly. Although, if you want a wide view of the snowy mountains or spring fields, you may want to pass as the engineer seat has a narrow window that accounts for a limited view of the beauty outside unless you want to pan out.

8/11 Class 395 SEB

Photo of stationary Class 395 SEB in Training Center

The Southeastern train can now be run on an additional 40 miles worth of tracks and keeps its versatility known by utilizing both freight and passenger services.

Unlike the Class 375/9 SEB, this locomotive has a wide open front window allowing you to fully take in your surroundings. As a newer model with a sleek look, this high-speed dual-voltage Electrical Multiple Unit does require more knowledge about power to truly enjoy its functionality. On the flip side, it makes up for it with its combined brake and throttle power handle and runs on both third rail and overhead electrification, making it a powerhouse.

7/11 LMS Stanier Class 8F

Photo of stationary LMS Stanier Class 8F in Training Center

This magnificent train shows off its classic steam-powered engine and unique sense of power.

As a freight steam train, it may come as a surprise if you’re brand new to playing Train Sim World 3 as it operates differently than the previously mentioned electric or diesel-powered locomotives. Keep in mind that steam trains are different and will require a few extra steps during your ride, like releasing water and the concept of how much power to apply to avoid wheel slip and bringing your scenic journey to a halting stop.

6/11 Stanier Jubilee Class 6P

Photo of stationary Stanier Jubilee Class 6P in Training Center

Although getting this train moving may seem like a challenging task at first, but once familiar with it, you’ll never look back.

Similar to its counterpart, the LMS Stanier Class 8F, this locomotive is equipped with a steam engine and two different types of brakes. Operating the steam and vacuum brakes correctly will be essential to a smooth ride. Though, this passenger train has basic nonelectric controls, which may make it more desirable to operate for those looking for a more simplistic feel.

5/11 BNSF SD40-2

Photo of stationary BNSF SD40-2 in Training Center

Within Train Sim World 3, you may often see these trains taking more local routes compared to the bullet trains due to their older equipment and operating system.

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Don’t let its old age fool you; Although the last of these trains were built in 1986, they still come ready to deliver 3,000 horsepower to get you everywhere you want to explore. As more of a ‘retro’ operation, it may be the perfect startup train if you’re looking to get the basics down. This heavy-duty train will teach you two fundamental basics: verifying the train will take power before you release the brakes and having power applied as you release the independent brake so that you won’t roll backward.

4/11 Class 465/9 SEW

Photo of stationary Class 4659 SEW in Training Center

While immersing yourself in Train Sim World 3, you may notice that this particular locomotive goes long distances and plays a vital niche role.

Equipped with a combined brake and throttle power handle, this train gives you the freedom to explore additional controls while enjoying your route. If you want more speed than what a steam train can give you, the Class 465/9 SEW reaches a top speed of 75mph and harbors 3,000 horsepower. In general, this passenger train is straightforward to operate and comes with the additional benefits of learning the ins and outs of train operating without additional pressure from complicated controls.

3/11 BR185.2DB

Photo of stationary BR185.2 DB in Training Center

These freight trains were built to pull their weight worth in gold, but due to primarily being run at night, it may be a challenge to get used to the nighttime ride.

As a part of the Bombardier TRAXX line, it may be slow to get moving, but you’ll be cruising at a top operational speed of 87 mph or 140 km/h in no time. With more of a classic train feel, it can give the nostalgic feeling you’ve been looking for all along without many controls distracting you from the tracks you’re about to embark on. However, keep in mind that some controls are located behind the conductor’s seat, which may be difficult to get used to at first.

2/11 BR401DB

Photo of stationary BR401 DB in Training Center

This lightweight, high-speed bullet train is primarily used on tracks located in Germany and will have some sections in which you will have to change and monitor speeds as compared to heavier trains.

This basic passenger train will give you the ultimate freedom to explore the tracks as you like while enjoying the beautiful scenery of your choice. In addition to this, it has two class 401 power cars and 14 intermediate cars, making it a high-speed train with a max speed of 280 km/h or 174 mph with only 69 controls used to operate.

1/11 BR403 DB ICE 3

Photo of stationary BR403 DB ICE 3 in Training Center

As one of the fastest passenger trains in Germany, this train is bound to keep your attention and give you the true experience of the game.

Almost identical in operation to the BR401 DB, it does hold key differences that make this train unique and fun to operate. Its basic and simple controls (40 total) combined with electronic screen gauges make it easy to learn on and give you one of the best views of the world around you that you can get. If it’s speed mixed with simplicity that you want, fear not – the BR403 DB reaches a top speed of 300 km/h or 186 mph.

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