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Every forest and river habitat animal in Red Dead Online

Since the introduction of the naturalist role in Red Dead Online, Players have been tasked with collecting samples from the many species of animals for Harriet. The conservationist has a long list of animals and subspecies from each region that she would like to learn more about, and she relies on your help as a naturalist.

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As a naturalist, the daily challenges of RDO will often require you to hunt animals from specific habitats on a given day. So when the time comes to wander through the forests and along the rivers, here is a compilation of all the animals that make their home in the cool, shady landscape, complete with links to their detailed location guides.

All forest and river animals

Forest and river habitats Animal guide completely reddit


There are two types of bears that roam the forests and fish in the rivers of the American West. American black bears and grizzlies are in all areas of the High trees in West Elizabeth and Ambarinos Grizzlies West and East.

North American raccoon

The North American raccoon is quite common throughout the American West. They are just masterfully good at disappearing when it suits them. And they deserve not to cross paths with hunters. The lower Roanoke Ridge Region and Scarlett Meadows are probably your best choice.


There are three species of fox in Red Dead Online. The American red and gray foxes mainly share the same habitats in the Central states, while the Silver Fox is on the northern routes of. holds Roanoke Ridge and Amber.


North American beaver

The North American beaver only sticks to a handful of habitats throughout the American West, and they are all quite specific. Like the south bank of the Owanjila or the Kamassa River west of Van Horn. Total, West Elizabeth will be the best place to hunt beavers.


There aren’t many skunks in Red Dead Online. While their habitats are widespread in almost every state except Ambarino, you won’t necessarily find them right away. Roanoke Ridge Will is probably the best way to find some in time.

Virginia opossum

Virginia possums can be found in every state in the American West. But even here they are not the most common species. You can try above Flat iron lake or the rivers that flow through and around Lemoyne.

American muskrat

American muskrats are another species with concentrated habitats in each state, although these are not as rare as the possums and skunks. the Bayou Nwa and Blue water march Lemoyne regions are promising areas to review.

Black-tailed jack rabbit

Due to its sheer abundance, the black-tailed jack rabbit is the easiest hunting target to find animals that live in the forest / river habitat. Although they can be found throughout the American West, their populations are most significant in the United States Roanoke Ridge and Scarlett Meadows Regions.

Western moose

Moose are one of the rarest forest animals. You have decent territory in West Elizabeth, near the Aurora Basin, and throughout the Tall Trees region that leads to the Upper Montana River. If you want to take part in a legendary hunt, you have to venture out in Amber.

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