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Every Character Ranked By Defense In Disney’s Twisted-Wonderland

Which cards have the most HP in Disney’s Twisted Wonderland? We’ve got the full breakdown.

disney twisted wonderland most HP collage

During battles in Disney’s Twisted Wonderland your team shares a combined HP total. This means that having a couple of defense-oriented characters present can significantly increase your staying power. We’ve crunched the numbers on every SR and SSR outfit in the English version of the game to see who can take the most damage.

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This list includes both the starting HP for each character as well as the maximum possible HP total once they’re fully leveled up and Groovified. We’ve also included each character’s Buddy pairings that boost HP so you can endure even more attacks!


S Tier (11000+ Max HP)

disney twisted wonderland trey clover SSR dorm uniform
Surname outfit rarity dorm HP at level 1 HP at Max Level + Groovification Item 1 / Item 2 HP Buddy Pairings
Trey Dorm uniform SSR Heartslabyul 2,989 13,898 Water / Flora Deuce, Idia
deuce Dorm uniform SSR Heartslabyul 2,864 12,545 Cosmic / Water Riddle, Ace
Ortho Precision Gear SR Ignihyde 2,864 12,000 Fire / Flora jade
potash labwear SR Scarabia 2,825 11,836 Fire / Fire Jack
Silver labwear SR diasomnia 2,809 11,769 Fire / Cosmic malleus
floyd Ceremonial Robes SR Octavinelle 2,786 11,673 Flora / Water potash
Ruggie Dorm uniform SSR Savanaclaw 2,676 11,640 Cosmic / Water Jack, Azul
Ruggie Ceremonial robe SR Savanaclaw 2,747 11,509 Flora / Fire Jack
Leona labwear SR Savanaclaw 2,708 11,346 Water / Fire Epel
caterer labwear SR Heartslabyul 2,669 11.183 Water / Flora Jack
Lilia Ceremonial Robes SR diasomnia 2,653 11.116 Flora / Fire caterer
Ace labwear SR Heartslabyul 2,630 11.019 Cosmic / Water Ortho

Most of the top-tier HP cards are only SR, so you don’t need to run yourself ragged trying to get SSR outfits to have a strong defense. It’s also worth noting that Jack gives an HP bonus to many of the characters on this list when he fights alongside them, so taking him is a smart choice even though his HP is generally middling.

A Tier (9000+ Max HP)

disney twisted wonderland riddle rosehearts SR
Surname outfit rarity dorm HP at level 1 HP at Max Level + Groovification Item 1 / Item 2 HP Buddy Pairings
Riddle Ceremonial Robes SR Heartslabyul 2,591 10,856 Fire / Water Idia
caterer Dorm uniform SSR Heartslabyul 2,489 10,453 Flora / Fire Trey, Rook
Rook Ceremonial Robes SSR Pomefiore 2,559 10,056 Fire / Water floyd
Epel labwear SR Pomefiore 2,523 9.915 Water / Cosmic Rook
villa labwear SR Pomefiore 2,488 9,777 Flora / Fire azul
jamil labwear SR Scarabia 2,453 9,640 Fire / Flora azul
floyd labwear SR Octavinelle 2,418 9,502 Water / Cosmic Idia
azul labwear SR Octavinelle 2,418 9,502 Flora / Fire Epel
Ace Dorm uniform SSR Heartslabyul 2,278 9.225 Fire / Flora Deuce, Kalim
Jack labwear SR Savanaclaw 2,347 9,223 Cosmic / Fire jade

B Tier (7500+ Max HP

disney twisted wonderland jack howl SSR uniform
Surname outfit rarity dorm HP at level 1 HP at Max Level + Groofivication Item 1 / Item 2 HP Buddy Pairings
Jack Dorm uniform SSR Savanaclaw 2.195 8,889 Fire / Flora Ruggie, Jade
malleus labwear SR diasomnia 2,267 8,614 Water / Fire Silver
Ortho BurstGear SR Ignihyde 2,240 8,512 Flora / Water Idia
Idia labwear SR Ignihyde 2.209 8,394 Water / Water caterer
Leona Ceremonial Robes SR Savanaclaw 2.178 8,276 Flora / Water Jack
Trey Ceremonial Robes SR Heartslabyul 2.146 8.154 Flora / Cosmic Rook
deuce labwear SR Heartslabyul 2.115 8,037 Cosmic / Flora jade
Silver Ceremonial Robes SR diasomnia 2.102 7,987 Water / Flora Lilia
Leona Dorm uniform SSR Savanaclaw 2,037 7,638 flora / flora Deuce, Ruggie
Sebek Ceremonial Robes SR diasomnia 2,062 7,567 Fire / Flora malleus

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C Tier (6000+ Max HP

disney twisted wonderland idia shroud SR
Surname outfit rarity dorm HP at level 1 HP at Max Level + Groovification Item 1 / Item 2 HP Buddy Pairings
Idia Ceremonial Robes SR Ignihyde 2,033 7,461 Fire / Flora villa
Lilia labwear SR diasomnia 2,022 7,420 Water / Water Trey
Rook labwear SR Pomefiore 2.005 7,358 flora / flora Leona
Riddle Dorm uniform SSR Heartslabyul 1,962 7,357 Fire / Fire Trey, Azul
malleus Ceremonial Robes SR diasomnia 1,998 7,332 Flora / Water Sebek
potash Ceremonial Robes SR Scarabia 1.977 7,255 Flora / Cosmic jamil
jade labwear SR Octavinelle 1,948 7.149 Water / Flora caterer
Trey labwear SR Heartslabyul 1,920 7,046 Water / Fire Ace
Riddle labwear SR Heartslabyul 1,892 6,943 Water / Flora jamil
jade Ceremonial Robes SR Octavinelle 1,837 6,264 Fire / Cosmic Trey
azul Ceremonial Robes SR Octavinelle 1,812 6.178 Cosmic / Flora None
Ruggie labwear SR Savanaclaw 1,787 6,093 Fire / Water Riddle
Sebek labwear SR diasomnia 1,772 6,042 Fire / Water Lilia
Jack Ceremonial Robes SR Savanaclaw 1,762 6.008 Water / Flora Rook

D Tier (Less Than 6000 Maximum HP)

disney twisted wonderland epel felmier SR
Surname outfit rarity dorm HP at level 1 HP at Max Level + Groovification Item 1 / Item 2 HP Buddy Pairings
Epel Ceremonial Robes SR Pomefiore 1,747 5,957 Flora / Fire villa
caterer Ceremonial Robes SR Heartslabyul 1,737 5,923 Fire / Flora Riddle
villa Ceremonial Robes SR Pomefiore 1,722 5,872 Fire / Water Jack, Rook
deuce Ceremonial Robes SR Heartslabyul 1,712 5,837 Water / Fire Trey
jamil Ceremonial Robes SR Scarabia 1,697 5,786 Flora / Water Riddle
Ace Ceremonial Robes SR Heartslabyul 1,687 5,752 Flora / Fire Riddle

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